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Oasis Cancun Lite Reviews

Birthday week getaway!

2019-02-25 20:56:10 hrs

From previous reviews I was hesitant about the check in process but when we arrived it was smooth. We had Rene at the front desk and he was super helpful. Our room was great, the fridge was packed with water and sodas.

A fun hotel to stay at!

2019-02-25 08:53:32 hrs

This is a great hotel to stay at if you are looking to have a fun time. They have a good variety of restaurants, bars and entertainment. I loved he beach club! They have a different party every day in the afternoon and it was a blast


2019-02-23 23:23:31 hrs

I'm being honest, the hotel was in perfect condition, air conditioning worked really well, service was excellent! The food was amazing. I wore a purple bracelet and was afraid again because of the reviews that not much would be available to me

Low profile Hotel

2019-02-23 10:23:31 hrs

Big infrastructure, not the better services , good food, very full more that 100% capacity, so Staff are always busy. Pools are big and clean, Restaurant need more waiting areas, need improvement at AC, excellent location and need to improve access

You get what you pay for

2019-02-21 21:23:31 hrs

My room was great. Wish that they would have kept putting water and coke in the refrigerator. Yes we had to pay extra for the lock for the safe. It rained all day one day and could not go to some of the restaurants

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