5 great places to eat tacos in Cancun



When you think of Mexican food, tacos are one of the first things that come to mind. These versatile and delicious treats have a rich history and here in Cancun you are spoilt for choice with the amount of places selling them, but before you go wandering aimlessly for your taco fix we would like to guide you in the direction of these five taco spots to sate your hunger and delight your taste buds:   

Tacos Rigo


A Cancun institution, Tacos Rigo have been feeding happy Cancunenses since 1988 with a menu filled with all sorts of delicious meat tacos. Their main location with its large, colourful wall filled with superheroes and children’s television characters is on Avenida Palenque. Here you’ll find a cross section of the city’s inhabitants; young and old, families and couples, groups of friends and lone diners all out for a quick bite. A smaller branch can be found at Kilometre 9 of Avenida Kukulcan, Cancun’s Hotel Zone.        

Los de Pescado

losdepescado_54_990x660_201406020323An alternative to the more common meat based tacos, Los de Pescado offer fried fish or fried prawn tacos, here you can add your own garnish like chopped tomatoes, coleslaw and lime juice in addition to a delicious array of sauces. Los de Pescado is just a 5 minute walk from our Oh! and Smart hotels on Avenida Tulum and, like Tacos Rigo, they also have a smaller branch in the hotel zone at Kilometre 7 of Boulevard Kukulcan.



Los Tarascos


Just across the road from Los de Pescado, Los Tarascos are the go-to place for late night tacos as they are open till 3am most days and until 5am on Saturdays. Their speedy service with have you eating tasty tacos in no time. The tacos al pastor are a personal favourite – pork loin that has been marinated in spices, topped with chopped pineapple, onion and coriander. They also offer big bowl-like glasses of horchata (rice milk) and jamaica (hibiscus water), well worth trying if you haven’t done so before.

La Polilla



A local favourite, Polilla would be easily overlooked with its small, unassuming location if it wasn’t for the large crowd that regularly congregates for their early morning fuel. They offer pork meat tacos and two options; all white meat or a mix of pork parts – whichever you choose you won’t be disappointed. These loaded tacos will keep you feeling full and content for the rest of the day. There is no seating here so either you eat them standing up or find a spot on the nearby steps, and though they officially close at 2pm, we recommend getting there early because when they run out of meat for the day they’re gone.



El Socio Taqueria Naiz

The trendiest of the five, El Socio Taqueria Naiz can be found tucked away down a side street of Avenida Nader (a 5 minute walk from La Polilla). El Socio offers more elaborated tacos adding ingredients such as caramalised onion and salted hibiscus petals that are not found in your typical taquería as well as vegetarian options. What’s more you can wash these down with a variety of local beers. ¡Salud!  



Let us know where you had your favourite tacos!

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