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While there is nothing wrong with having a burrito or downing a couple of shots of tequila on your next trip to Mexico (hey you’re on holiday!), there are a whole host of foods and drinks that you may not be aware of even if it is your tenth time visiting us. So to get you started we’ve compiled for you a few delicious alternatives to what you might typically order…

Gorditas instead of tacos


Tacos may be Mexico’s most well-known food but another snack that is just as versatile and delicious is the gordita (Spanish for little chubby girl). The gordita is made using either corn or wheat flour just like the tortillas used for tacos, but this time the tortilla is much thicker. The dough can then be filled with savoury or sweet fillings and is either baked or fried. The latter being the most common way it is cooked in our region. Once cooked, the gordita can then be made even ‘gorda’ by cutting a slit in one side and stuffing it with additional ingredients. Popular fillings include pork, chicken, beef, cheese and beans. The most common version, which can be found in our hotels buffets, is the gordita de chicharron (fried pork rind). A delicious snack for any time of the day!

Tortas ahogadas instead of burritos


Meat, rice and vegetables in one delicious wrap, who doesn’t love a burrito? The Tex-Mex staple, meaning ‘little donkey’ in Spanish, is the ideal fast food when you’re in a hurry. Another tasty treat that packs a punch is the torta ahogada, or drowned sandwich, a bread roll filled with pieces of pork meat and covered in a spicy tomato sauce. Variations of this hearty dish from the Mexican state of Jalisco can be found, where other ingredients like chicken or prawns are used instead of pork. Your stomach will thank you whatever filling you choose!

Ceviche instead of nachos


Nachos are one of the great dishes for sharing with friends but can seem like quite a heavy option if you’re spending the day on our paradisiacal beaches. A lighter, healthier alternative? ceviche, fresh seafood marinated in lime juice typically topped with chopped tomato, onion, chili peppers, avocado, and coriander leaves. In most of the seafood restaurants in our region you’ll find prawn, octopus or fish ceviche, or a mix of all three. Whichever seafood you prefer, the ideal version to share with friends overlooking the Mexican Caribbean is the ceviche caribeño which adds chopped mango to the mix. Served with tortilla chips and an array of delicious sauces your day at the beach just got a lot better!

Pacifico instead of Corona


Did you know that Mexico was the world’s largest beer exporter in 2015? The most exported of these was Corona. Mexico’s most famous beer conjures up images of sunny skies and sandy beaches and is pleasant enough; but another, lesser known, and personally speaking much nicer beer, Pacifico is the perfect accompaniment to the sunny skies and sandy beaches of Cancun. This beer from the Pacific port city of Mazatlan, Sinaloa is also the ideal drink to wash down a Caribbean ceviche.

Mezcal instead of Tequila

Tequila may be Mexico’s national drink but it is its lesser known agave cousin mezcal that you ought to try on your next visit to Mexico. Produced on a much smaller scale than tequila, mezcal is a smoky tasting spirit that should be sipped and not shot. Often accompanied by orange slices and worm or grasshopper salt (yes you read that correctly), mezcal has seen a resurgence in Mexico in recent years with mezcalerias (mezcal bars) popping up in the trendiest parts of town. Mezcal is an acquired taste, but a taste worth acquiring. So next time your friends order tequila, order a mezcal and impress them by asking for orange slices and grasshopper salt.


Whether your try one or all five of these great alternatives when you next visit us, we hope that we’ve opened your eyes and senses to new flavours and experiences.


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