Discover Benazuza’s Techno-emotional Cuisine

Techno-emotional cuisine is the one that focuses on emotions without leaving aside technology or technique. A taste of it shall awaken all your senses; it takes you to new places, leaving permanent memories; and the perfect place to live this experience is Benazuza Restaurant.

Located in the city of Cancun, at The Sian Ka’an at Grand Sens and The Pyramid at Grand Oasis hotels, you’ll find Benazuza Restaurant, leaded by Chef Ignacio del Rio, who was crucial in the achievements of becoming one of theTop 10 Restaurants in Mexico and the world, and obtaining the first place in the traveler’s choice awards in 2018 according to TripAdvisor.

Additionally, Benazuza has been granted the AAA Four Diamonds Award, thanks to its perfect combination of molecular cuisine and emotions without losing the typical seasoning of Mexican food; innovative and original creations designed to surprise the most demanding taste buds.

The Benazuza Experience

The journey starts at the cocktail bar, where you’ll taste a series of classic drinks with an out-of-the-ordinary appearance. Later, you will go to the dining area to start with a dinner consisting of approximately fifteen dishes, each one prepared with Mexican nuances and fresh ingredients from the region, divided between snacks, tapas, dishes, pre-dessert and dessert; all of them paired to perfection with wines preselected by the chef himself.

The experience comes to an end with the appearance of the tea cart, which holds a wide selection of instantly prepared teas that make up the perfect digestive to finish a dinner full of emotions.

A true vacation should take you to find new experiences and emotions, so if that’s what you’re looking for, Benazuza Restaurant is a must-taste-feel-discover.

Due to the limited occupancy of the restaurant, we recommend that you reserve at least 24 hours in advance. Please consider that hotel policies do not allow underage guests inside this restaurant and require a formal dress code for all visitors.

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