Offers The Pyramid at Grand Oasis oasis outlet
up to 69% disc
Cancún, México
Offers Grand Oasis Cancun oasis outlet
up to 72% disc
Cancún, México
Offers Grand Oasis Palm oasis outlet
up to 72% disc
Cancún, México
Offers Oasis Palm oasis outlet
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Cancún, México
Offers The Sian Ka'an at Sens Cancun oasis outlet
up to 74% disc
Offers Grand Sens Cancun oasis outlet
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Cancún, México
Offers Oh! Cancun The Urban Oasis oasis outlet
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Cancún, México

What is El Buen Fin?

It is one of the main moments of shopping deals in Mexico, as almost every brand display attractive benefits, outstanding discount prices, in addition to several payment options, which motivate the consumers to purchase the products and services they’ve been trying to catch the whole year.

When is El Buen Fin?

There is no specific date for celebrating El Buen Fin; the reason is that this discounts period is carried out once a year, making the most of the long weekend, which results from both, the commemoration of the Mexican Revolution and the official holidays marked in the calendar. Therefore, during 2020, El Buen Fin will take place from November, Friday 13th, to Monday 16th.

Why is it called El Buen Fin?

The term is a play on words that on one hand makes reference to Mexican’s informal way of wishing friends to have a great weekend ¡buen fin! On the other hand, the phrase makes reference to this strategy’s objective, which originally was to reactivate the country’s economy.

How was El Buen Fin created?

With the idea of reactivating economy through the commercial sector, in 2011 Mexico’s entrepreneurs created this initiative in a joint effort with the Mexican government. Just like Black Friday in USA, the main idea was making the most of the year end, in order to release the best deals, which allow the consumers to make their Christmas purchases in advance, while they get extra benefits and savings.

Which brands are part of El Buen Fin?

Every brand that wish to become part of the program are allowed to do so, provided they comply with some simple requirements, such as having a Mexican taxpayer number, being up to date with their taxes, and subscribing to the program.

For you, who always seek the best Buen Fin deals for traveling to Cancun and enjoy an all-inclusive vacation by the waves of the turquoise sea, the properties of Oasis Hotels & Resorts have just what you need. Get to live adventures, amazing gastronomic experiences, and beautiful facilities to enjoy paradise on your own terms.

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Reviews of our Hotels

Amazing - Will be back next year

2019-02-25 16:54:29 hrs

We got back from Grand Oasis last week and had an excellent time. Was a little hesitant reading some of the reviews, but after going there not sure what people have to complain about. For our trip we did upgrade to the Sian Ka'an package

Great dining experience!

2019-02-07 10:27:40 hrs

Amazing restaurants, very unique! Staying in the Sian Ka'an Suite includes great benefits. the concierge was not knowledgeable but bell staff was great! The outdoor staff service was great! I will be back and stay in that suite again!

Older, but updated very nicely

2019-02-07 11:28:17 hrs

Worth paying for the upgrade. Nice beach, loved private pool area, and the lunch areas open had some very good food. Seafood area by private pool had the nest seafood and steaks. Enjoyed adults only. All the employees were very good and helpful


2019-02-12 13:25:59 hrs

It was my second time at Grand Palm Oasis with my family. We decided to return to this resort since our experience last year was great. The food is great; wonderful staff; everything works well.

Não sei

2019-05-03 17:53:29 hrs

Gostaria de parabenizar toda equipe de funciona´rios do hotel desde sua recepção, atendimentos no café da manha, almoço e jantar e,, especialmente do bar beach clube Wilberth e Melody e também no snack bar Adrian, luz e laura. Certamente voltaremos.

Ouany Ramos, Daniel Perez, Meteuo Chavez

2020-02-12 21:36:57 hrs

These guys were friendly, polite and helpful, Everything was clean , tidy and neat. Food was ok. the fact that you have to reserve the restaurants in the morning was a hassle. So was the exclusive VIP at the beach, need to stand in line long time.

Anniversary trip

2019-02-20 15:28:30 hrs

2nd time at this hotel, last year grand oasis Cancun(blue band), this year we bumped up to the Prymiad at the grand oasis(black band). 2nd time around we had an amazing time, 7 days still wasn?t enough.

Fantastic Resort to enjoy your vacation

2019-02-18 20:34:40 hrs

Just returned from a 10 day trip. I recommend the upgrade to VIP. From the moment we checked in with our concierge team Ana, Lucelly, and Pedro, they strived to make sure every detail of our stay was worry free every day.


2019-03-05 10:47:44 hrs

Hi my friends are getting married at your hotel on the 21st March 2019. Stephen Evans and Lauren levey I was wanting to get them done Champaign or something for there room. Can you help with this please? Look forward to hearing from you soon