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What is Hot Sale?

Each year, the Hot Sales event takes place in Mexico, with the objective of boosting online sales. Hot Sale was created by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) back in 2014, with a huge amount of brands that decided to participate, considering the increasing number of users who add up to the e-commerce shopping trend in Mexico.

In 2020, the Hot Sale took place from May 23rd to June 1st, bringing a very important boost to online sales; though the economic situation worldwide was a little unbalanced, due to the sanitary contingency, this event’s 7th edition brought some fresh air to the country’s economy.

Which brands are included in the Hot Sale?

A huge number of brands get to participate in the Hot Sale; during these dates, it is common to browse the web and find all kind of deals related to this campaign. The main brands invest big amounts on online marketing, with the objective of publishing their season discounts, which offer great benefits to consumers.

Identifying the participant brands is easy, as they make sure to display the distinctive red logo, which is related to the Hot Sale special rates and benefits.

What are the Hot Sale pros?

On one hand, almost all companies that participate in the Hot Sale are affiliated to the AMVO; this allows to regulate that the published discounts are more real and that the companies comply with everything they announce, different from other sales in which any brand can take place.

It is easy to identify the products and services included in this promotion, as brands make sure to add the Hot Sale logo to each publication.

To learn more about tall brands and products included in the Hot Sale, you only need to visit the official website, where you’ll find a big board displaying detailed information.

Another benefit for those who browse for online promotions is the chance of finding some great deals directly in the brands’ websites, without turning to intermediaries who offer the same products in their platforms.

Also, when it comes to finding the best online offers for traveling and enjoying the main tourist destinations with attractive all-inclusive packages, it is always a good idea to browse the official websites of the hotels offering these services.

Such is the case of the all-inclusive properties in Cancun, offered by Oasis Hotels & Resorts, where you’ll find outstanding Hot Sale deals for traveling to the Mexican Caribbean, and enjoy a fantastic vacation with family, friends or couple.

See you at the great Hot Sale 2021 of

Reviews of our Hotels

Reservation Confirmation

2019-07-11 09:56:26 hrs

I would like to confirm my reservation from 25 of July to Ago, 2.

Great service..........

2019-02-25 12:33:17 hrs

First of all, the staff was wonderful. Kind. Informative. Always ready to assistant and make our stay a good one. I think this is a great place for a budget stay. The hotel is attractive. The pool, though crowded, is beautiful.

Great service!

2019-02-23 18:51:18 hrs

Great Hotel and service. Carlos and Jose took great care of us at the Oh breakfast and the Mega Bits Manager was very good also! Antonio was very good and nice at our check in and took great care of us. The pool area was great

Beautiful Property

2019-02-21 16:02:26 hrs

The property of the Grand Oasis is absolutely stunning.The landscaping is the nicest I have ever seen. The beach in front of the resort is lovely.I wasn't crazy about the options at the restaurants because I am vegetarian and it was extremely limited

Family Vacation

2019-02-22 16:03:01 hrs

This was the best family vacation I mean all the staff were soo nice and very welcoming my kids had a blast the food was very good and it was a great experience overall. From the moment we got there untill it was time to leave it

Had the best time

2019-02-22 10:03:01 hrs

Lots of drinks. Food. Sunshine. Music. What more could you want... Zero issues. Had a blast. Food was decent. Typical north american breakfast. Lots of people in their 30s/40s. Not many kids and those that were there were not noticeable.

My favorite resort in Cancun so far!

2019-02-25 07:24:46 hrs

My boyfriend and I have been traveling a lot in the past 2 years. Grand Oasis Palm was by far one of my best stays. Our room was clean, mini fridge and a room with a view. It did rain one night when we were there it made it a little chilly.

Oasis palm

2019-02-25 17:26:46 hrs

Just got back from a quick 7 day trip, loved cancun and the beaches at this resort were just great. This is more of a family spot, however the beach staff and sports bar made our stay there worth it. Shout out to Arturo, Dave and Felipe

Such a great experience

2019-02-22 23:42:55 hrs

Great experience. Excellent customer service. Staff is professional and nice, from front desk receptionists to restaurant(s) staff,housekeepers and the whole maintenance team. Plenty of good food,great coffee and excellent cocktails.