Tips to avoid travel scams or swindles

Protect yourself against frauds

With your welfare in mind, at Oasis Hotels & Resorts, we have gathered some important points that will help you protect yourself against frauds, and enjoy your vacation without a hitch.
Most frauds can be prevented just by following your common sense:

When Buying Your Vacation Package

Be careful of travel agencies that offer extremely generous deals. Search for renowned agencies with branch offices in your hometown. If the agency is Mexican, you can visit PROFECO’s website (Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer) where you can consult if said agency has been reported for fraud previously.

When Buying Airfare

When you buy your airplane tickets with intermediaries, always verify that you receive your payment confirmation and call the airline to make sure that your reservation was processed.

When Booking Your Hotel Stay

Once you have paid your stay, call the hotel in order to confirm that your reservation is ready, this way you will make sure that upon arrival to your destination, you will be able to access your room without inconveniences.

Details Are Extremely Important

Before you book, thoroughly read the terms & conditions; some promotions may offer something very attractive, which turns to be different once you read the fine print.

Information in Social Media

In addition to their website and policies, visit the agency’s social media and be careful if you discover that the opinions are blocked or have many negative comments.

During Your Hotel Stay

When you are on vacation, you will be offered great opportunities for buying timeshare. For sure, some of them can turn to be great; however, our recommendation is that before you sign any document, request the contract in order to consult a lawyer that you trust, who will help you verify that the conditions are fair.

For Oasis Hotels & Resorts, your vacation time must be memorable; therefore, we hope that these simple tips will help you spend the best experience in the paradise of Cancun.

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