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Annoying time share sales people

2022/10/06 19:10 hrs

The place was very nice and food was good also. But beware of the hounds that get you right when you get there. giving you free massages, etc. to sell time shares. they watch u when u leave the room & jump rt on u. Very annoying

Amazing service

2022/08/21 19:08 hrs

The service we received at the buffet restaurant was absolutely fabulous, we opted to eat there everyday. Ms Nelva & Ms. Martha were the sweetest. Mr. Edmundo, Mr. Francisco & Mr. Luis provided the best service! Fernando, our pool bartender was great


2021/12/13 14:12 hrs

The faclity was clean and breathtaking. Staff were super helpful and Careyes restaurant made my Mum's 60th birthday celebrations unforgettable.

Great experience

2021/10/18 18:10 hrs

I would like to thank Yanin, the young lady at check inn!!! She made the entire process run smoothly, she was very helpful and efficient!!! We need more people like Yanin!!! People like her make a difference and make guests want to return. Thank you


2021/04/29 19:04 hrs

Careyes food is the best in all hotels. The staff is fast, friendly and helpful. We had lunch and dinner there every night and did not get bored of it. The atmosphere and decorations are enjoyable.

Anniversary trip

2019/02/20 10:02 hrs

2nd time at this hotel, last year grand oasis Cancun(blue band), this year we bumped up to the Prymiad at the grand oasis(black band). 2nd time around we had an amazing time, 7 days still wasn?t enough.

I would give 5 stars but...

2019/02/18 17:02 hrs

It was our fourth time in this resort. We got engaged and married here and we absolutely love it here. It is beautiful, clean, fun, but what makes it outstanding is staff. I wish I remember the name of every person who took excellent care of us.

Fantastic Resort to enjoy your vacation

2019/02/18 15:02 hrs

Just returned from a 10 day trip. I recommend the upgrade to VIP. From the moment we checked in with our concierge team Ana, Lucelly, and Pedro, they strived to make sure every detail of our stay was worry free every day.

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