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Great Vacation!

2022/12/06 16:12 hrs

We had a family vacation here, my husband and myself, my son and daughter-in-law, their 3 kids and my daughter-in-laws Mom. Having never traveled to an all inclusive resort before we weren't sure what to expect but were very pleasantly surprised.

Tenth Floor Bar Grand Oasis Palm

2022/02/18 20:02 hrs

Ivan Mo was outstanding! Every night we went to the tenth floor bar to have our nightcap drinks because of Ivan. Very friendly and helpful. Service was great and he worked so hard to keep customers satisfied with good drinks and conversation. Fun!

Entertainment Staff 10/10

2019/02/25 06:02 hrs

My best friend and I just got back from our second trip to Cancun, this time staying at the Grand Oasis Palm, which was a great choice. As soon as we pulled up we were greeted by friendly staff. During our week stay, we had a blast

My favorite resort in Cancun so far!

2019/02/25 02:02 hrs

My boyfriend and I have been traveling a lot in the past 2 years. Grand Oasis Palm was by far one of my best stays. Our room was clean, mini fridge and a room with a view. It did rain one night when we were there it made it a little chilly.

Such a great experience

2019/02/22 18:02 hrs

Great experience. Excellent customer service. Staff is professional and nice, from front desk receptionists to restaurant(s) staff,housekeepers and the whole maintenance team. Plenty of good food,great coffee and excellent cocktails.

Wonderful all inclusive

2019/02/22 14:02 hrs

I spent 5 days at this facility in February 2019. I selected it because it was in Cancun, beach side, and had multiple restaurants to choose. from. The hotel was very accommodating of our need for 2 beds in the room and minimal walking


2019/02/12 08:02 hrs

It was my second time at Grand Palm Oasis with my family. We decided to return to this resort since our experience last year was great. The food is great; wonderful staff; everything works well.

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