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Excellent place to spend as a family

2021/07/07 09:07 hrs

I stayed 5 nights with my 2 children and my wife, I have read previous reviews speaking very badly (not all) of this site. Let me tell you that for the price you will pay for this hotel, YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER OPTION THAN THIS. Comfortable rooms

Kids Loved It

2019/04/05 05:04 hrs

This was a perfect location for my sons (16 and 12). They enjoyed the beach, the pool, the daily activities and of course the sushi bar. I will recommend this hotel to anyone with kids.

Best person that attended me Gabriela

2019/03/29 13:03 hrs

The best service I ever had Gabriela was the best coffee server in la Luna coffeehouse


2019/02/25 12:02 hrs

Really really great hotel !!! In love with the spa and especially the service Carlos attended us with ! It was outstanding, the Temazcal was a LIFE EXPERIENCE that is inevitable to forget, HIGHLY recommend!


2019/02/24 09:02 hrs

Best food we ate in Cancun was Labamba. The waiter did a great job, his name was Bartolomeo. Carlos was also great. The hostess name was Samantha. The cooks name was Armando the food was superb. Jorge, Amado Bravo, Rosendale were all great.


2019/02/20 07:02 hrs

At first when getting to the resort we were very bummed out because there were a lot of children, and we were all 18+ But the entertainment crew at this resort made the trip so worth it they always had something fun going on like salsa lessons, yoga

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