Because Oasis Loves U

Oasis Hotels & Resorts integral post Covid-19 program.

Hotel cleaning and disinfection

At Oasis Hotels & Resorts we prioritise the health of our guests and staff, but we also want you to feel free in our hotels. For this reason, and committed to achieving excellence, we have innovated our cleaning procedures and standards. We strictly comply with the Cristal International Standards® in different modules: Room Check, Food Check, Spa Check, Pool Check, Aqua Check, Crisis Check, Eco Check, Fire Check, Safety Check and the recently launched Cristal Covid19, POSI CHECK (Prevention of the Spread of Intection).

Be free, Stay safe

Because Oasis Loves U

We have created a programme of measures to ensure that our guests can enjoy their holidays to the full without any worries. We have adapted all the processes and protocols for cleaning and hygiene of rooms, consumption centres and common areas to meet all the necessary requirements and obtain the strictest and most demanding certifications to guarantee the safety of our guests and collaborators. All our collaborators have been widely trained to comply with all the measures of the program.

Oasis Love Space

The large extension of our properties allows us to have common areas (inside and outside) with plenty of space to maintain safety distances, as well as large consumption centers that facilitate distance. The digital innovation and the developments made in the last months give us the possibility to reduce the contacts between guests and collaborators, mainly during the check-in and check-out processes and the consumption centers.

We want you to feel free and safe in our Hotels and Resorts, that's why we have kept on working hard and evolving technologically, with the simple and only objective of seeing you smile again in our paradisiacal beaches and our delicious restaurants.


Cleaning during your Welcome and Checkout

Welcome and Checkout

-Availability for the guest of full digital check-in.

-Temperature control installation at hotel entrance by means of thermal cameras.

- Application of new technologies for the sanitization of suitcases at the arrival of our guests.

- Wide receptions in lounge style areas. Check-in process with controlled access to avoid crowds and signs on the floor at a safe distance.

- Separation screens in the receptions and use of mouth covers for the staff.

- Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in all areas available to guests.

- Possibility for the guest of digital express check-out and widely separated express check-out machines.

Room Check Covid-19
Cleaning in Rooms


- We guarantee that the room has been completely sanitized prior to the guest's arrival. Use of products registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

- Once the room has been sanitized, a security seal (DOORTAG) is placed and broken at the guest's entrance for the first time.

- Contactless room opening (proximity locks).

- New standards of operation, cleaning and assembly of the room adapted for the complete security of the guest.

- All amenities are new and first use upon arrival of each guest.

- Elimination of printed media in rooms.

Food Check Covid-19
Cleaning in Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages

-Table reduction in restaurants. All tables will be separated with safety distance.

Oasis Love Space

- Possibility of digital reservations in restaurants through the Oasis app and elimination of waiting lines. Groups of 5 or more people must make a reservation in advance for the placement of tables.

- Menus available in Oasis app or by QR code. Contactless menus.

- New standards of operation, assembly and cleaning of tables adapted for the safety of the guest. Tables and chairs will be sanitized before and after each guest.

- Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers distributed in all food and beverage consumption centers.

- All food and drink collaborators have been trained to avoid any contact with the food. Use of mouth guards is mandatory.

Pool Check Covid-19
Cleaning in Common Areas

Common Areas

- New standards of cleaning and assembly of furniture in the common areas. All tables, chairs and beds in indoor, outdoor and beach common areas will maintain a safe distance.

Oasis Love Space

- Application of new technologies and products for the sanitization of surfaces, elevators, furniture, buttons, handrails and railings. Use of products registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

- Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers distributed in all common areas.

- Graphic information in all areas about health safety protocols.

- Safety distance between guests will be maintained in all activities in indoor and outdoor common areas. Reduction of capacity in entertainment centers to avoid crowding.

Cleaning in Groups and Conventions

Groups and Conventions

- In all group and room areas the safety distance will be maintained. Digital pre-registration of attendees is facilitated to avoid crowding.

- New standards of operation, cleaning and assembly to guarantee the distance of the participants. Reduction of capacity in the different rooms.

Oasis Love Space

- Rooms, furniture and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each event.

- The exchange of printed materials will be minimized.

- The coffee break services must comply with the criteria applied in the food and beverage area and all will be assisted by the collaborators.

- All collaborators have been trained to avoid any contact with guests and food and beverages. Use of mouth guards is mandatory.

Cleaning in Partners


All employees will undergo a complete medical check-up before returning to work, including official Covid-19 test. Any employee with Covid-19 symptoms will be quarantined for 15 days and a new Covid-19 test will be done before their new return to work.

All employees must undergo a daily and mandatory sanitization process (uniform, footwear ...) and temperature control at the entrance to the work.

All employees have been extensively trained to comply with all safety and hygiene measures and the new adapted operating standards.

All employees will use personal protective equipment (PPE) including mouth guards. The same protocols will be applied in all staff and back of the house areas as in guest areas.

The hotel has resident doctors available 24/7 to attend to any collaborator or guest who requires them, as well as Covid-19 tests.

Other Oasis Hotels & Resorts Certifications

Cristal International Standards
Security Check Eco Check Room Check Food Check Crisis Check Aqua Check Pool Check Fire Check Spa Check Safety Check

frequently asked questions of Oasis Hotels & Resorts

All Oasis hotels are open, with hygiene and sanitation measures adapted and approved by the relevant agencies, but there are possible occupancy limitations due to government restrictions. For more information about the status of the hotels please contact our Contact Center to the +52 55 4170 9258

Oasis Hotels & Resorts modified the policies of all the rates so that any reservation whose arrival was from March 15 to June 30 could be modified until April 2021 without penalty or cost. To find out if you will be able to travel to Cancun the first thing you should do is find out about the political situation in your country of origin and the status of your flights. As soon as you are allowed to travel and you are clear about the dates you want to come to Cancun, you only have to contact us to modify the dates of your reservation. You can contact us via online chat, by calling +52 55 4170 9258 or by writing a WhatsApp to +52 998 287 4478.

Our intention is to reopen the hotels with the maximum number of services and consumption centers open, but everything will depend on the hygiene measures that are established, since this will cause changes in the processes and daily operation of each service/consumption center. The buffets will probably take a little longer to open and will be attended, but we will have to see little by little.