Cancun Open Waters 2019

This Sunday, November 10th, the Cancun Open Water sports event will be held in the city of Cancun.

Swimming in open waters is a discipline that takes place in bodies of water such as oceans, lakes and rivers, and allegedly it started in 1810 when Lord Byron swam several kilometers across the Dardanelles Strait. 

This year, the city of Cancun presents the fourth edition of this sporting event, which will take place on November 10th starting at 7:00 AM, departing from Playa Langosta, located at km 5 of the Hotel Zone near Oasis Palm and Grand Oasis Palm hotels. 

During this event competitors of all ages will face distances of 820 feet, .77 miles, 1.55 miles, 3.1 miles, 4.66 miles and 6.2 miles, which will be subject to the following requirements.


  1. Sign the responsibility disclaimer available in the web page
  2. Be properly affiliated to the FMN and NQR, or cover the cost of membership per event of $ 100 MXN.
  3. Participants must attend the delivery of numbers with their original printed registration confirmation signed, and a photocopy of their ID or any official document.
  4. No packages will be delivered without the aforementioned documents and full competition payment.
  5. All participants shall present a medical certificate with a date that doesn’t exceed 6 months within delivery of their packages.

Mandatory Uses: 

• Color cap delivered by the organizers, registration number on arm and leg.

• Individual safety buoy.

• Individual safety buoy inflated by indications of the port captaincy, the Mexican Association of Lifeguards and Civil Protection.

The official results of the competition will be published the day of the event on the website at 5:00 PM. On this page you’ll be able to verify your time and compare it with the rest of the competitors’. 

To make the most of this event, stay at our Oasis Palm and Grand Oasis Palm hotels, equipped to spend an unforgettable day or weekend without missing a second of the Cancun Open Water 2019 competition.

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