Cinco de Mayo

Contrary to popular belief by many abroad, cinco de mayo (May 5th) is not Mexico’s day of independence but rather the day commemorating the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on 5th May 1862. Mexico’s Independence Day is 16th September and unlike this...

10 signs you need a holiday in Cancun

City life is hard to beat, but every so often its fast pace takes its toll and the hustle and bustle can wear out even the most ardent city slicker. It is therefore necessary to escape the urban sprawl every once in a while for a beach holiday. “But hey!”, I hear you say, “time...

Happy 45th Birthday Cancun!

This year Cancun celebrates its 45th birthday. Construction of this beautiful city officially began on 20 April 1970, so on this date for the last 45 years we have celebrated the birthday of the city that has grown up with us and has taken us into its heart.

Isla Mujeres, Goddess Ixchel’s island

The island where the sun rises The island of Isla Mujeres is the most easterly Mexican territory and because of this its inhabitants often say: Mexico despierta aquí (Mexico wakes up here). This quaint little strip of land off of the Mexican Caribbean has been blessed with...

10 facts that you may not know about Cancun (Part 1)

While Cancun may be famous for its sea, sand and blue skies, there are some things that most visitors and even many locals do not know about this sun kissed city; stories, secrets, and hidden places that are not public knowledge. So here we present for you the first five of our...

Wedding Quiz

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10 facts that you may not know about Cancun (Part 2)

Behind the fruit cocktails, vibrant nightlife, and hot weather, lies a city that is growing rapidly and constantly changing, a city with many stories to tell. With that in mind, here for you is the second half of our 10 facts that you may not know about Cancun. If you have not...

Which Oasis hotel are you?

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10 things to do at Oasis

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Cancun True or False Game

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