Happy 45th Birthday Cancun!


This year Cancun celebrates its 45th birthday. Construction of this beautiful city officially began on 20 April 1970, so on this date for the last 45 years we have celebrated the birthday of the city that has grown up with us and has taken us into its heart.

Whether born here or not, Cancun’s inhabitants are proud to show the city off to visitors. The many languages you can hear through its streets, the large companies and small businesses that innovate and take risks, the cultural programmes that aim to enrich the area; these are the hallmarks of a young and fast-growing city in a country rich in history and tradition, stamping its own identity and providing an absorbing contrast to the tropical jungle that surrounds it.

A part of us

Different people, one Cancun

Cancun moulds us just as we mould Cancun. Those that visit become acquainted with the natural beauty our region has to offer. On their journey, friends are made, sometimes these friendships are brief, sometimes they last a lifetime; renewed on repeat visits. We take to learning new languages with varying success but the same yearning to make our guests feel at home.

Cancun and the Cancunese spirit

Calinda, the first bridge connecting mainland Cancun to the hotel zone

At Oasis Hotels & Resorts we have joined in the celebrations, raising a toast towards this beautiful city as well as the spirit of its inhabitants. Those who never gave up when hurricane Wilma turned its ugly head this way. Those that work from the crack of dawn to make sure visitors have all they need for a fantastic vacation, those that arrived with little more than a dream and who today have work, a family, a house and a better life. We celebrate the pioneers, those that were here from the beginning, the descendants of the ancient Mayans, as well as those from overseas that now call Cancun home. We know there are challenges, we know that Mexico is a country fighting to eradicate its blemishes, but certainly here, in this stunning corner of our country, we rise up and say we are ready, because we have a heart so big and so beautiful that millions choose to visit us each year.

So happy 45th birthday Cancun! Together we have achieved so much in such a short period of time.

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