Mexico City free museums

Mexico City Museums

Museums in Mexico City Mexico City is known for its important museums and cultural centers. Some of the most outstanding museums include: National Museum of Anthropology: this is one of the most visited museums in Mexico City and has an extensive collection of artifacts and...
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historic places in Mexico

Monuments of Mexico

Mexico’s Historical Monuments Mexico has a rich history and culture, and there are many historical monuments that reflect it. Some of the best-known historical monuments in Mexico are: Templo Mayor: one of Mexico’s main historical monuments. It is located in Mexico...
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independence angel

What to See in Mexico?

What to Visit in Mexico? Mexico is a very large country and has many interesting places to visit. Some places I would recommend include Mexico City, home to Chapultepec Castle and the Zocalo; Tulum, an ancient Mayan city on the Caribbean coast; and San Miguel de Allende, a...
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dia de muertos en mexico

Mexican Customs

Mexico is a country where traditions are part of every person’s daily life, as they involve celebrations and traditions that have been inherited through generations. Mexican Customs and Traditions Those who visit this country, not only do they fall in love with the beautiful...
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tamales día de la candelaria

Learn More About the Candelaria Day Tradition

This festivity has been celebrated in Mexico for generations, and it’s a moment that brings families and friends together to enjoy this country’s typical culinary delights, but do you know what is Candelaria Day about? February 2nd, Candelaria Day To enjoy the Mexican tradition...
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veracruz parade

Discover the Carnival of Veracruz

In the past, a great number of cultures were connected to the joy and color of carnival celebrations. It is said that its origins are directly related to ancient Rome, where they worshiped Momo, the god of sarcasm, who was also in charge of entertaining the gods of Olympus....
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visit valle de bravo

What to Do in Valle de Bravo

97 miles away from Mexico City, there is a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and nature, where you can practice adventure activities, water sports, and enjoy a nice stroll through cobblestone streets and perfectly preserved colonial architecture. Carried out by Franciscan...
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toltec chichimeca

Toltec Culture

In the middle of the 8th century, the Toltec people established themselves on the Teotihuacan territory, located in Mexico’s central zone, north of Texcoco lake. Though they were mostly warriors, their cultural legacy and their school of thought linger to the present day, and...
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the 4 agreements

Toltec Wisdom

“Toltec” is a word that comes from the Nahuatl language, which means “Tula inhabitant”. This prehispanic culture developed a very intricate school of thought, which has transcended the frontiers of time, and has lingered due to its timeless nature that describes the deepest of...
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