Playa de Oaxaca

The beaches of Oaxaca

The beaches of OaxacaDo you want to discover more than 30 paradisiacal beaches on the Pacific coast? if so, you will have to travel to Oaxaca. If you also want to take advantage of your trip to discover the most visited destinations, stay and read the following lines. Sightseeing...
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Panoramic view of the city of TolucaGetting to know Toluca

Getting to know Toluca

The tourist destination that unites culture, nature and gastronomy for all those who want a very complete vacation, are you up for it? Toluca, Mexico The municipality mostly known as Toluca is a city in the State of Mexico. It is located in the central area and is currently the...
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Port of Veracruz

Veracruz must-haves

Dare to visit one of the most touristic places in the country, a destination full of magic and from which you will not want to return to your daily routine. The state of Veracruz will show you that there are many types of vacations concentrated in the same destination. Tourist...
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Beach in Costa Esmeralda, Veracruz

The Emerald Coast in Veracruz

Get ready to land in this wonderful natural destination, where you will find the best beaches to spend the vacations you deserve. Perfect for traveling with friends, family, couple…it is an exceptional place for any kind of plan you may have. La Costa Esmeralda de Veracruz...
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typical mexican food

Foods from Mexico

Along with other international gastronomies, Mexican food has made an undeniable place in the world and in almost any remote place a great variety of dishes are known. If you want to browse through the most popular foods at a glance, read on. Typical Mexican food Cochinita pibil...
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Day of the Dead Tradition Mexico

Traditions of Mexico

If you want to know everything about the country, not only its regions and tourist destinations, but the true essence, culture, traditions and more, we bring you what you need to be an expert in everything related to Mexico. Customs of Mexico Although Mexican culture extends...
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Representation of ancient culture in Mexico

Culture in Mexico

Learn about the different traditions and cultures that exist in the country, as well as the best known pre-Hispanic cultures and those that are more deeply rooted in certain regions of Mexico. Pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico Within the ancient Mexican culture we can find the...
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Mexico's living history on the street

History of Mexico

Soak up the history of the country thanks to the historical events that you can observe in the official website of the government of Mexico, more contemporary facts about Mexico or very popular places because of the legends behind them. History of Mexican Independence The...
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Painting of the conquest of Mexico

The Conquest of Mexico

Still don’t know the details of how the conquest of Mexico took place? Who was Hernán Cortés or in what year did he land on Mexican shores? These and many more details about this historical period are waiting for you. The Conquest of Mexico and Tenochtitlan The conquest of...
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