Sunbathing in Riviera Maya

The trip to Riviera Maya

It is time to start thinking about summer vacations: a well-deserved rest is always accompanied by fun, places to visit and above all, an ideal destination that brings together different services to perform at any time. That is why the hotels in Cancun of the Oasis Hotel Group...
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Beach in Cancun

What to see in Cancun

If you have finally decided to visit one of the great cities of the Mexican coast, here are some economic recommendations to enjoy some incredible days, spending as little money as possible. Cancun Vacations One of the first recommendations we will make is to choose a good hotel,...
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Interior cenote in Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya Cenotes

Vacations are for resting, seeing different places and creating magical memories to remember forever. Riviera Maya is one of those places that has all the possible plans, beautiful landscapes that are not easily found, as well as hotels that have exclusive services for your days...
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Flying over Cancun

Flights to Cancun

Do you want to travel to Cancun and are looking for flights? Try to get a couple of months ahead if you already have a clear idea of the holiday period you will be going on and save a lot of money. People who plan ahead get to travel for much less than those who take it at the...
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Tulum Trip Destination

Trip to Tulum

There are so many places to visit in Tulum, that during your vacation it will be impossible to decide what to do and what to visit. That is why before planning your days, we recommend that you make a list of the most important things to organize yourself and make the most of...
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Enjoying the trip to Cancun

Trip to Cancun

¿Tienes pensado viajar a Cancún en tus próximas vacaciones? Start planning today, and don’t wait until everything is booked, because the best hotels fly. Grab your agenda to write down the date, because the countdown to the trip of your dreams has begun, are you ready...
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Cliff of Isabel Island, Nayarit

Isabel Island

For those who are visiting the Riviera Nayarit and/or nearby destinations, you have the opportunity to see firsthand the Isla Isabel National Park, a collection of marine fauna and flora that dates back more than 3 million years approximately. Book your tour now to live a totally...
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Edzna, archaeological ruins

Edzná site and its historical importance

Among the many tourist attractions that can be found in the city of Campeche are its beautiful beaches, spectacular buildings and even several Mayan sites, specifically one that we will talk about in detail in the following lines: the ruins of Edzná. San Francisco de Campeche San...
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Marietas Islands Tour

The Marietas Islands

Tourists who are spending their days off in the Riviera Nayarit have the opportunity to book a magnificent tour to see the Marietas Islands, the beach of love and many more tourist attractions, what are you waiting for to live this Caribbean adventure? Marietas Islands Nayarit...
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