Representation of ancient culture in Mexico

Culture in Mexico

Learn about the different traditions and cultures that exist in the country, as well as the best known pre-Hispanic cultures and those that are more deeply rooted in certain regions of Mexico. Pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico Within the ancient Mexican culture we can find the Toltecs, Mayas, Mixtecs, Olmecs, Huastecs or Zapotecs, among many others.

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Mexico's living history on the street

History of Mexico

Soak up the history of the country thanks to the historical events that you can observe in the official website of the government of Mexico, more contemporary facts about Mexico or very popular places because of the legends behind them. History of Mexican Independence The struggle for Mexican independence began in the region of Querétaro,

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Inca heritage

The Incas

Do you want to know a little more about Peru’s most important culture? Learn about the most important points of one of the most advanced civilizations. The Inca This was a civilization that emerged in the 13th century and lasted until approximately the 16th century. This empire came to be composed of more than 9

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