Cabin in Tulum

Tulum Village

Take a dream getaway to the best magical town in Mexico: Tulum. A coastal destination surrounded by crystal clear waters, white sand, a Mayan archaeological site…it has it all for a perfect vacation in the best company. Tulum town house Unlike other vacation destinations in...
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Morelet's crocodile portrait

Morelet’s crocodiles

If you are one of those people who love animals, who are passionate about seeing them in their natural habitat and even organize your vacations to see different species and learn about them, we tell you a little more about Morelet crocodiles and where to see them in Mexico....
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Wolf, endangered species

Endangered animals in Mexico

It is important to know that there are 4 categories to classify the decline and risk of disappearance of species, which are: E (probably extinct in the wild), P (endangered), A (threatened) and PR (subject to special protection). Animals endemic to Mexico According to official...
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Mexican wolf is in danger of extinction

Mexican wolf

The Mexican wolf is one of the most beautiful specimens that inhabit the country. His wild look, his characteristic coat and his demeanor make him a mammal loved by all. Unfortunately, it is currently one of the species in danger of extinction, a fact that highlights the...
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Ajolote anfibio de México

The salamander

If you haven’t heard of the salamander, you must have at least seen a photograph of this friendly amphibian with a peculiar appearance. Unfortunately, it is currently on the world’s endangered species list. The salamander has been and continues to be fundamental in...
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Panoramic view of the tecolote

The tecolote

In the latest published regulation on the list of species at risk in the Official Mexican Standard NOM-059-SERMARNAT-2010, there are up to 21 species of owls, including the tecolote. Unfortunately, this species is one of Mexico’s endangered animals. If it is not more...
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Vaquita swimming

La vaquita marina

We will tell you about an endangered animal that is unfortunately one of the most endangered species. Their habitat, their reproduction habits, climate change, among other issues, are preventing the survival of the vaquita porpoise. The sea cow This animal lives in the northern...
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Coati in the forest

The coati

Learn about one of the species that inhabits the Mexican country, the nasua narica, an endearing mammal that lives in the forests of most of the continent. Nasua narica The nasua narica is the name given to the white-nosed coati. It has often been confused with badgers, raccoons...
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Tephe amusement park

The Tephe Spa

If you are looking forward to traveling to a unique area that is home to hundreds of activities, water attractions and accommodations, you have found your new ideal place to travel with the family. En Tephe lo pasarás en grande con tus seres queridos en cualquier época del año...
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