City of the Zapotecs

Zapotec culture

Learn about one of the most important ethnic groups of the American continent, which was concentrated in the south of Mexico, specifically in Oaxaca, and which expanded its geographic location enormously. Characteristics of the Zapotec culture In pre-Columbian times, the Zapotec...
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Mexican handicrafts alebrije

Mexican handicrafts

Familiarize yourself with some of the most popular handicrafts that exist in the country and that despite the passage of time are still very present today. You can find both objects made of wood or handcrafted garments with great cultural value. Mexican handcrafted products...
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Mexican Christmas Posada

Mexican Posadas

The Mexican posadas are festivities characteristic of the month of December in which family is enjoyed, Christmas is celebrated and above all, typical Mexican products are tasted. It is believed that the first posada was held in 1587. Although they are not characteristic of...
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Fighters from Mexico

The superluchas

If you are passionate about sports, more specifically about wrestling and anything that even remotely resembles it, you will know Superluchas. This is a magazine that also has an online channel where information about combat sports worldwide is compiled. Re-founded in 2022,...
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Mexican wrestling masks

The Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling)

Mexican wrestling is the third most valued industry of its kind in the world, behind only the United States and Japan. Free fighters El Santo Blue demon Mil máscaras Atlantis Luchadores mexicanos El Santo or Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta has been an important Mexican wrestler who even...
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capital of Coahuila Saltillo

Getting to know Saltillo

If you want to visit a city full of history whose warm climate will invite you to stroll through its beautiful streets, visit its buildings and museums, as well as enjoy the company of your loved ones, we suggest a trip to the capital of Coahuila: Saltillo. Departure to Saltillo...
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Panoramic tower

Visit to Torreon

If you want to visit one of the youngest cities in the country, you will have to book your vacation to visit the state of Coahuila, more specifically the municipality of Torreon. Torreón, Coahuila This town was founded in 1850 as one of the 38 municipalities that make up the...
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Coahuila State Views

Coahuila Attractions

Write down all the tourist attractions that are waiting for you in the different municipalities of the state of Coahuil, Mexico, to book your next vacation, you’ll love it! State of Coahuila The state of Coahuila, whose capital is Torreon, is made up of 38 municipalities, 7...
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Poza Azul Cuatro Cienagas

Discover Cuatro Cienagas

Cuatro Ciénagas is one of the magical towns that make up the state of Coahuila, within the long list of magical towns in the country since 2012. It is perfect for a relaxing vacation with the whole family, where you can see natural attractions as well as the colonial heritage...
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