Snorkeling Hubiku cenote

Hubiku Cenote

Discover a new location in the Mexican territory: Temozón. xican territory: Temozón. There you can observe areas with Mayan archaeological remains, swim in an incredible cenote, and learn more about the culture of the region, are you going to miss it? Temozón, Yucatán Temozón is...
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Plaza Fiesta fashion Mall

The Plaza Fiesta Anahuac Mall

If you want to indulge yourself in the best fashion stores, accessories and more, you’re in luck. Depending on where you are going to spend your vacations, you can visit one of the Plaza Fiesta shopping malls throughout Mexico. In addition, leaving aside the stores, there...
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Bottom of Cenote Car Wash

The Carwash Cenote

To say you’ve really been to Mexico, you have to have seen at least one cenote. In these lines we bring you a recommendation: visit the Carwash cenote, a name that has been a popular creation and also officially known as Aktun Ha, located in Tulum. One of the advantages of...
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Punta Laguna spider monkey

Visiting Punta Laguna

Dare to spend a dream vacation away from overcrowded hotels, tourist crowded coasts and endless queues to enter nightclubs. If you are in the mood for a vacation focused on ecotourism and learning, here is a new place to visit: Punta Laguna in Quintana Roo. Punta Laguna Reserve...
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Security in Mexico City with tourists

Security in Mexico

When traveling, it is always advisable to know where you will be staying and what you can find there. If you are thinking of booking a vacation in certain areas of the Mexican geography, we give you some guidelines so you don’t have to worry about anything. Security in...
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Panoramic view of Banco Chinchorro Reserve

The Mayan Coast

A new ecotourism destination is waiting for you in Quintana Roo. If you are passionate about natural places barely touched by the hand of man, without overcrowding and with multiple environmentally responsible activities, you have found your new ideal destination, the Banco...
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Xcalak Park Mexico Quintana Roo

Xcalak, do you know it?

This small territory of Quintana Roo is one of the most incredible that you can visit if you like scuba diving, tranquility and sports or water activities. Xcalak Quintana Roo Very close to the Costa Maya you will find Xcalak, an unexploited territory that you will like. Although...
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Punta Allen paraíso

Punta Allen, the hidden village

If you are one of those who are looking for special places to visit but are put off by the fact that many people know about them, Punta Allen will fascinate you. It is a small town in the Riviera Maya that is not yet a major tourist attraction. Punta Allen, Tulum Punta Allen is a...
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Cancun shopping couple

“Las Américas” Mall in Cancún

Being on vacation is synonymous with enjoyment, pampering and indulgence. To give yourself a tribute among the best fashion and accessory stores, we recommend several plazas in Cancun where you can spend a day dedicated to you. Cancun downtown In downtown Cancun you can visit...
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