Bottom of Cenote Car Wash

The Carwash Cenote

Bottom of Cenote Car Wash

To say you’ve really been to Mexico, you have to have seen at least one cenote. In these lines we bring you a recommendation: visit the Carwash cenote, a name that has been a popular creation and also officially known as Aktun Ha, located in Tulum. One of the advantages of visiting this cenote is that you will also have another cenote with similar characteristics nearby, such as Cenote Zacil-Ha. similar characteristics such as Cenote Zacil-Ha.

The Aktun Ha cenote

Although its official name is Aktun Ha cenote, it is popularly known as Carwash. This funny nickname comes because for a long time the citizens went to it to wash their car because of the large size of the natural pool, an act that has been left for posterity.

This is an open-air cenote, one of the oldest of the cenote typology. It is perfect if what you like is swimming and diving, since its crystal clear waters, almost transparent, will let you see completely its rock formations, its different fauna and flora, among some other surprises.

It is less than 10 kilometers from downtown Tulum, perfect for a dip after seeing the city, the archaeological sites or simply to cool off after an intense day of tropical heat.

The Carwash Cenote, price

Visiting hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with a cost of 50 Mexican pesos per person. If you also want to snorkel or scuba dive, equipment rental is around 120 Mexican pesos.

It is one of the most complete cenotes, since you can do a lot of activities. Among them is scuba diving or snorkeling, one of the most popular activities on the Mexican coast. You can also observe the fauna and flora of the place, as well as the interior of the cenote.

We recommend you to simply reconnect with yourself, away from everyday worries while being in the middle of the jungle, no less.

The Carwash cenote has hardly been modified to attract tourism. One of the few things that have been created are tables to improve accessibility. Another of the improvements was to place a swing at the entrance to take pictures, as well as to add an extra point of fun to the visit.

Aktun Ha, cabins

Near this impressive natural paradise you have an accommodation to enjoy the experience as it should be. If you feel like discovering the wonders of this impressive territory, it is advisable to stay close to it.

That is why there are some cabins near Aktun Ha that are perfect to spend a few days with family, friends or your partner. In the middle of nature, you will be able to sleep very close to the cenotes route in the middle of nature. The cabins are made of glass, have their own showers, kitchen, availability of activities… what are you waiting for to book yours?

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