The mariachis

Música del Mariachi

Get to know one of the most acclaimed and popular musical styles of the Mexican country: the mariachi, an artistic creation that was born in the 17th century thanks to the mixture of cultures, customs and traditions of the humblest classes of Mexico.

Mexican Mariachis

Since the birth of this musical style, there have been many mariachis who have triumphed and have been heard worldwide. In addition to recognizing this type of songs by their composition (groupings of all kinds of instruments such as guitar or vihuela) an unmistakable characteristic is the clothing inspired by peasant clothing, with long round hats, jacket and pants with buttons.

The crazy mariachi

Within the wide variety of music that we find today, such as pop, reggaeton or electronic music, there are also songs of Mexican tradition that have crossed borders and continue to sound in the headphones of every cell phone. This is the clear example of the acclaimed melody of El mariachi loco, a song by Román Palomar Arreola.

The author created this popular song that is already a classic in the repertoire of any Mexican. The characteristic of this melody is the graceful choreography that the mariachi members dance while making changes throughout the song.

If you are organizing any party and you are in charge of the music, you can’t miss this fun and lively song that every guest will dance and sing non-stop.

Mariachi Vargas

One of the most long-lived groups in the country is undoubtedly the Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, a musical group that was created no less than in 1897 and is still active today. The group is composed of several musicians, a total of 14, in charge of a harp, a guitar, a guitarrón, a vihuela, seven violins and three trumpets.

In all these years the group has undergone an evolution both in their clothing as a form of expression, the way they played their music … but above all, has influenced significantly during all these years in terms of the music scene is concerned, both nationally and internationally.

Among his vast discography, from singles to albums, we can find more than 60 titles, not to mention the varied collaborations with renowned musicians. Therefore, the best soundtrack of any family, friends or similar event will be more than complete if it includes some of the songs of the famous Mariachi Vargas.

Mariachi Day

Due to the great cultural importance of the artistic and musical style of mariachi, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, commonly known as UNESCO, recognized it as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Since 2004, the musicians’ guild determined that January 21 would be the commemorative day to honor this popular expression of Mexico that generation after generation has transmitted the identity of the people, values and/or customs.

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