Panoramic view of Cesletún

Discovering Celestún

Prepare now for a tourist vacation in which you will discover natural landscapes never seen before, a natural reserve with a lot of water activities and in short, a perfect paradise to disconnect from daily life: Ceslestun. Celestun, Yucatan This magnificent place in the state of...
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Xilitla and its Surrealist Garden

Xilitla up close

Do you like art, surrealism and nature? If the answer is yes, you have found a new place to visit on your days off: the Xilitla garden is waiting for you to get to know its interior in San Luis de Potosi, what are you waiting for to get to know the world of Edward James? What is...
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Gypsum Dunes in Mexico

The Gypsum Dunes

Visit one of the 38 municipalities that make up the state of Coahuila, where you can see incredible natural creations such as the Dunas de Yeso or Poza Azul among many other tourist attractions, are you ready to see unique natural formations in the world? Four bogs Go straight to...
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Mexican desert with mountains

Deserts in Mexico

Dejando a un lado las vacaciones más cómodas, te proponemos una aventura sin precedentes para que conozcas los desiertos más importantes de México, desde el Desierto de Chihuahua hasta el Desierto de Sonora, aquí encontrarás mucha información. Chihuahuan Desert This Mexican...
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View of Mexico's most important pyramids

The Pyramid of Teotihuacan

Visit one of the largest metropolis in history. The ancient Aztec civilization was the one that built the beautiful city of Teotihuacan and all those buildings that are still standing today after the passage of time. The pyramids of Mexico Pyramid of the Niches Calakmul Pyramid...
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Cabins in Monterrey: all you need to know

For those looking for a different kind of vacation in Monterrey, we propose several locations in the middle of nature to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle of the big city. Cabañas cerca de Monterrey 80 minutes from Monterrey you will find in the middle of the Sierra...
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Come to the light, sculpture in Tulum

Come to the Light, Tulum

Si estás de paso por Tulum o Cancún, te recomendamos acercarte a conocer una de las míticas esculturas de Daniel Popper con forma humanoide que seguramente hayas visto en instagram. Come to the Light is a natural sculpture that will leave you speechless. The sculpture Come to the...
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Typical Mexican music

Mexican Music

Prepare the list of Mexican hits for your next party. Use the following songs to reminisce about other times, parties where you had a great time or simply to liven up your time. Mexican songs Viva Mexico – Pedro Vargas Viva México – Pedro VMéxico Lindo y Querido...
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Aztec god representation

Aztec gods

  Those who want to know more about the culture of Mexico, specifically about the most important deities of the past and that are still present today, will be able to achieve their purpose in the following lines. Names of Aztec gods Tonocateuctli Tonacacíhuatl Mixcóatl...
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