Mexican Music

Typical Mexican music

Prepare the list of Mexican hits for your next party. Use the following songs to reminisce about other times, parties where you had a great time or simply to liven up your time.

Mexican songs

  1. Viva Mexico – Pedro Vargas
  2. Viva México – Pedro VMéxico Lindo y Querido – Jorge Negreteargas
  3. Cielito Lindo y Querido – Pedro Infante
  4. La llorona – Ely Guerra
  5. Bésame Mucho – Pedro Infante
  6. El Rey – José Alfredo Jiménez

There are so many songs that have become popular in Mexico over the years that it would be impossible to put them all together in a few lines. That is why we bring you a brief list of some songs that you will surely know, both inside and outside the country. These tunes are a must for parties, sports celebrations or simply family gatherings.

Some of them have crossed borders and are sung in many bars, taverns and leisure centers, since after much hearing, they have become a kind of hymn that unite more than one. Others are clearly a cry of Mexican pride that few will be able to understand, songs that fill the heart and that will be forever.

Others have been directly inspired by the people, the culture and the unique experiences their creators have had on the streets of Mexico. A country so full of life is synonymous with art, which is undoubtedly appreciated all over the world and visited by millions of people.

There are also those songs that tell stories of always, origins to understand where we come from and why we are this way. Songs that are history because of their beautiful composition, but also because of the depth of their lyrics.

Mexican Rancheras

Mexican rancheras, a typically Mexican genre, are another of the most common things you will find in the country. Some of the most popular ones you can hear are Cucurrucucú paloma, by Tomás Méndez, La media Vuelta or Volver, Volver among many others.

Regional Mexican music

What is considered regional Mexican music is not as old as it might seem, since the term appears at the end of the 20th century. It is a very complete musical genre that encompasses many styles (such as corridos).

The artists who perform this genre are very different from each other, but with a very marked similarity: the costumes used may resemble (broadly speaking) cowboy or cowgirl, with certain exceptions. Depending on the subgenre, they will have a different way of dressing.

Mexican Cumbia

Although many will know cumbia for being of Colombian origin, it is true that in Mexico it has also won a place in the hearts of many. It is characterized by its songs with African rhythms and with instruments such as maracas or percussion.

It was before the end of the 20th century when it arrived in Mexico thanks to Colombian and Mexican musicians who made unusual compositions that resembled Colombian cumbia with their own touches. One of the most popular Mexican cumbia groups are Los Ángeles Azules, originally from Mexico City, they have played in one of the most popular festivals internationally: Coachella.

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