Edzná site and its historical importance

Edzna, archaeological ruins

Among the many tourist attractions that can be found in the city of Campeche are its beautiful beaches, spectacular buildings and even several Mayan sites, specifically one that we will talk about in detail in the following lines: the ruins of Edzná.

San Francisco de Campeche

San Francisco de Campeche is the capital of this little piece of geography that is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It stands out for being a hexagonal walled city, among many other visual, gastronomic and cultural qualities.

Its particular shape served as a fort to defend against pirates in the 18th century and later, against an invasion attempt, but today these visual details simply make the city a very particular place.

In addition to its forts, bastions and walls, Campeche also has beautiful beaches to go to when the heat gets too hot for anything but a refreshing swim. You will find Seybaplaya Beach, Playa bonita or Playa Isla Arena.

Edzná, Campeche

It is in San Francisco de Campeche where you will find the ruins of Edzná. The name by which this place is also known is Itzá or Ytzná, of Chontal origin, which means ”house of the Itzáes”. It was so named by the different inhabitants of the vicinity of the Mayan city.

The importance of this site lies in its longevity and its more than 25 kilometers of extension full of history and buildings. It is believed that there was human presence since 400 BC. This ancient Mayan people created such a powerful settlement that they were even able to erect and dominate several of the neighboring towns for centuries.

The city lived its greatest splendor during the 600 and 1000 centuries, when it is believed that more than 23,000 inhabitants lived there. Their power was based on the control of water, developed thanks to the canal system devised by the Itzáes, which allowed them to supply themselves and create an exemplary agricultural production.

It was around the year 1400 when it experienced its total decline, being abandoned 500 years later. Therefore, the buildings found at the site date back approximately 15 centuries, which have been studied for decades.

Edzná Ruins

These are located 55 kilometers from the city of Campeche. You can reach the ruins of Edna by your own vehicle (free parking is available) through the different federal highways or by public transportation, depending on the possibilities of each visitor. The entrance to the site costs 85 Mexican pesos and its opening hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

What are the most important buildings? Our recommendation is that you visit each and every one of the attractions of the Mayan ruins, since the entire visit can be done in just 2 hours and a half. You can go to the platform of the knives, the Nohochná, the Temple of Mascarones or the Small Acropolis.

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