Beach in Cancun

What to see in Cancun

Beach in Cancun

If you have finally decided to visit one of the great cities of the Mexican coast, here are some economic recommendations to enjoy some incredible days, spending as little money as possible.

Cancun Vacations

One of the first recommendations we will make is to choose a good hotel, if possible an all-inclusive one, since you will save money on meals, you will have a lot of leisure and entertainment in the resort itself, as well as the best possible services.

The hotels in Cancun of the Oasis hotel group offer all-inclusive resorts with rooms with spectacular views, specialty bars and restaurants, on and off-site activities, among many other attractions.

En segundo lugar, te recomendamos elaborar una lista de los lugares que son de visita obligatoria, como museos, centros culturales, parques temáticos, y un largo etc, y en cuáles de ellos tendrás que comprar entrada. Once you have done the general accounts, you will see the total expenses and where you really want to invest your money.

What to do in Cancun for little money

  • Visiting beautiful beaches and snorkeling
  • Bathing in ancient cenotes
  • Go to museums
  • See the archaeological sites
  • Visit the palapa park
  • Living the Cancun night
  • Spending a day at an adventure park

For those who are wondering what to do in Cancun but don’t want to or can’t spend as much money as they would like, here is a list of great plans to have fun without spending more than necessary. Start now to make your list of what you will do day by day and make the most of your stay.

Cheap places to visit in Cancun

Visiting the best beaches in Cancun will be a very economical plan in this dream vacation destination. The dolphin beach is great for lounging, sunbathing and for those lucky enough to even see these animals.

Another activity is undoubtedly to visit cenotes, as they are all amazing in themselves, and you will surely fall in love with them. The Chac Mol cenote, whose price is only 250 pesos, is open to the public from 9:00 to 17:00. You can visit it if you are in the vicinity of Playa del Carmen to make your plan very complete.

Head to the archaeological ruins of Calakmul to see up close one of the ancient cities of the Mayan civilization, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Holy Week in Cancun

If you have decided to take a few days off during Easter, it is the perfect time to benefit from exclusive discounts from Oasis Hotels. Dive on the web to find the outlet week discounts and choose the hotel where you will spend an unforgettable stay.

Opt for a family hotel where you can do activities together or book a room in a hotel in the center of town to be close to stores, stores and much more.

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