What to Do in Valle de Bravo

what do do in valle de bravo

97 miles away from Mexico City, there is a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and nature, where you can practice adventure activities, water sports, and enjoy a nice stroll through cobblestone streets and perfectly preserved colonial architecture.

Carried out by Franciscan monks, Valle de Bravo’s foundation dates back to 1530, and the city got its name in honor of General Nicolas Bravo, who was part of the Trigarante (Three Guarantees) Army, crucial to achieving Mexico’s Independence in 1821.

Currently, Valle de Bravo is a very attractive place for national and foreign tourism, due to the beauty of its landscapes and attractions like its distinctive lake, whose waters are the setting for a wide range of activities.

Valle de Bravo’s Lake

Before it was called Valle de Bravo, the name of this region was Temascaltepec, a farmers’ village through 1937, when the Mexican government began a project to boost the area’s economy. The beginning of this project was Miguel Aleman’s Hydroelectric System, whose construction required the flooding of 7,166 acres of farmland. This was the origin of the artificial lake, which currently attracts a wide array of tourists.

This landscape surrounded by mountains creates a breathtaking view, ideal for practicing an assortment of activities like kayaking, sport fishing, savoring a delicious meal in one of the area’s floating restaurants, or simply enjoying a nice conversation while tasting your favorite drink.

Other Places to Visit in Valle de Bravo

As every other Magical Town, Valle de Bravo boasts countless places to visit, all of them with options worth spending a moment of your day.

Plaza Independence (Independence Square)

Stroll down the beautiful streets of this square and discover historical places like the San Francis of Assisi Church, whose construction dates back to the 17th century. On your way, you will find the traditional blackberry ice creams or the irresistible Mexican prepared corn with shrimp.

Handcrafts Market

North of Independence Square you will find this picturesque market, where beautiful products are offered, made by local artisans, whose hands work with materials like fabric, glazed pottery, wooden utensils, clay, iron, and even jewelry.

Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

As its name implies, this space located in the northern part of the city receives millions of butterflies that arrive each year, creating a majestic view.

Santa María Sailing Club

Do you like water sports? Here you will get to rent sailing gear, to enjoy an unforgettable day on Valle de Bravo’s Lake. Everything you might need for sailing with the wind is available at Santa Maria Sailing Club.

Monte Alto Park View Point

Surf the blue sky of Valle de Bravo with a paraglider, and feel the freedom of moving like a bird. Additionally, the park offers cabins rental in a fantastic forest and nature trails to enjoy a cycling excursion.

Visiting Valle de Bravo

This beautiful Magical Town boasts has more than a thousand reasons why you should come and enjoy a unique vacation. We guarantee that you will be back very soon.

Mexico is a diverse country, which boasts spectacular destinations and all kinds of weather. You can either plan a getaway to a colonial city like Valle de Bravo, or a vacation in an all-inclusive hotel in Cancun.  Click here for more information.


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