Visiting Oasis is Fantastic

A trip to the Mexican Caribbean will always be fun, but if it’s real fun you’re looking for, then your next stay has to be at Oasis. We have been leaders in entertainment, service and fun for nearly 30 years, in the most beautiful and exclusive tourist destination in Mexico. Book...

10 facts that you may not know about Cancun (Part 2)

Behind the fruit cocktails, vibrant nightlife, and hot weather, lies a city that is growing rapidly and constantly changing, a city with many stories to tell. With that in mind, here for you is the second half of our 10 facts that you may not know about Cancun. If you have not...

Which Oasis hotel are you?

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10 things to do at Oasis

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An alternative Mexico

While there is nothing wrong with having a burrito or downing a couple of shots of tequila on your next trip to Mexico (hey you’re on holiday!), there are a whole host of foods and drinks that you may not be aware of even if it is your tenth time visiting us. So to get you...

Cancun True or False Game

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How much do you know about Mexico?

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Why choose Cancun?

There are many reasons to choose Mexico as a vacation destination: its culture, its history, its gastronomy. The country offers visitors many options, whether for relaxation, partying or adventure. However, there is only one place in Mexico that covers all these aspects and more,...

Our 2016 Quiz

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5 great places to eat tacos in Cancun

  When you think of Mexican food, tacos are one of the first things that come to mind. These versatile and delicious delicacies have a rich history and here in Cancun you are spoiled for choice with the number of places that sell them, but before you go aimlessly in search...