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To enjoy a family vacation in the city of Cancun, Grand Oasis Palm and Oasis Palm hotels are the perfect place for you and your loved ones. 

With all the amenities you expect on a well-deserved vacation in the tropical destination of Cancun, these two hotels will allow you to relax and rest in a completely fun and family-friendly environment. 

These hotels allow guests of all ages to live their own adventures, whether it is with sport activities, water sports or just relaxing in front of the beautiful white sand beach and turquoise blue sea. While adults enjoy the restaurants and wonderful cocktails, the little ones will have the best time in the KiddO Zone.

KiddO Zone

The KiddO Zone is a special and exclusive area for children, which boasts all kinds of didactic and exciting activities, such as a disco, videogames area, swimming pools, mini lounge chairs, handicrafts room, bungee, amphitheater, outdoor playground, and a small restaurant to let the kids spend some incredible days, always cared for by our highly trained staff, while adults enjoy at their own pace.

With a great, warm and friendly service, Grand Oasis Palm and Oasis Palm are the perfect hotels to spend the best family vacation, with spacious and comfortable rooms, in addition to a variety of designs that accommodate all types of families. 

Oasis Palm has a total of 7 restaurants, 6 family-friendly and one exclusively for children, as well as 7 bars with a wide array of domestic and international drinks, teas and coffee. On the other hand, Grand Oasis Palm offers a greater variety by adding 5 exclusive restaurants to your vacation package.

If you do not know which of these two options is best for you, complete the quiz: “Which Oasis Hotel is the best for you?” and find out with our help. 

Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the best family vacation in the city of Cancun and book your stay with us.

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