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The year is ending…

2016 will be a year we will not easily forget. From the very beginning, this was an atypical year, and with 366 days in it, perhaps 2016 announced from the start that it was not intended to be the same as others. Filled with controversy, political crises and incalculable losses, this year has been in many ways shocking and in all of them unforgettable.

But 2016 was not only the year in which David Bowie and Carrie Fisher bid us farewell, but also a year full of unprecedented sporting, scientific and social achievements that will inevitably go down in the annals of history.

Therefore, today we bring you a recount of the best that has happened during this 2016, a year that no one will forget, but that certainly has left us reasons to smile and wish that 2017 has among its months, many pleasant surprises for us.

Rio 2016


2016 the year of the world’s fastest men

The 2016 Olympic Games left in our memory the legend of the two fastest men in the world: Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps. Baltimore’s athlete reached an impressive total of 28
medals, 23 of them gold, placing him above 113 countries on the all-time Olympic medal list and  making him the most decorated athlete in the history of the sport.

For his part, Jamaican Usain Bolt reaffirmed his superstar status, once again winning the most spectacular event of the event and closing an Olympic cycle that moved us to tears with the efforts and sacrifice of thousands of athletes who gave their best.  themselves in a meeting that, every 4 years, unites nations above and beyond any political, social or cultural problems that may exist.

río 2016Love was also present in 2016

But it was not only sports that shone in Rio. Brazilian Rugby player Isadora Cerullo also made headlines when she said yes to her girlfriend Marjorie, an Olympic volunteer who proposed to her in the middle of the stadium. The image went around the world and became not only part of Olympic history, but also a sign of tolerance, love and acceptance of Olympic  values that reminds us that ours is a happier and more tolerant world every day.

Obama in Cuba.


An impossible meeting, Obama and Raul Castro in Havana

In March, in an image that would have been classified as science fiction in the middle of the last century, U.S. President Barack Obama visited Cuba in what is seen as the first effort to normalize relations between these two countries, which otherwise have an intimate and intricate history that at one time represented two distinct worldviews, economics and politics.

The U.S. appointed a foreign minister for the island of Cuba for the first time in 55 years and although there is still a long way to go to improve relations between the two  countries, this meeting contrasts with the warlike sentiment of the famous missile crisis and the beginning of the cold war. Undoubtedly a peace breakthrough not only for the Cuban and American people but for the whole world, a light of hope for the political conflicts that still exist in other places.

We are going to Mars…

Space X 2016

Elon Musk, the man who will take us to Mars

Not only sports and politics had historic moments during this year that is coming to an end. Science has not been left behind with some wonderful discoveries and announcements that will undoubtedly change the course of humanity.

Perhaps one of the most talked about was that of South African entrepreneur Elon Musk, who announced in September that his company, Space X, plans to take humans to Mars as early as 2024. The technology innovation mogul not only plans to travel to Mars, but to make the red planet a new place to call home. According to the plans of the owner of companies such as PayPal and Tesla Motors, the colonization of Mars will take about 40 years and will require the help of governments and private initiative to achieve this visionary goal of turning the human race into an interplanetary species that travels the cosmos knowing the mysteries of the universe. Definitely the vision of a genius of innovation that will change the world and whose announcement was made in our country in the city of Guadalajara.

Dylan wins Nobel Prize


Bob Dylan, Nobel Prize in Literature 2016

In culture, this was a complicated year with chiaroscuros that moved us as well as saddened us with events that marked the lives of all of us and that will undoubtedly go down in the history of our culture.

Perhaps the most talked-about event in the cultural world in 2016 was the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature to American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. The Swedish academy awarded for the first time the highest award of the written word to the rocker, who, for his part, was slow to accept the prize, thus giving rise to countless criticisms, reviews, and articles that spoke both for and against the decision of the intellectuals who gave this award to a musician. Beyond the controversy, the Swedish Academy’s decision contributed to the debate about what literature is and also brought many closer to the poetry and music of one of the icons of the Beatnik movement.

Cubs, Cavs & Leicester.


Sports impossibilities happened this 2016

It was not only the Olympic sports that made their mark this year. In professional sports we experience unique events that we will hardly ever see again. In the United States, after 108 years of waiting, the Chicago Cubs were crowned baseball champions, leaving behind a supposed curse that kept them far from the World Series and a title drought like no other in baseball in that country.

Meanwhile in England a small team played the role of Cinderella and with a modest squad won  a championship that no one, perhaps not even they themselves, would have predicted 12 months earlier. Also in the United States, the Cavs won the NBA trophy and the historic Lebron James was finally able to become champion with the Cleveland Cavaliers,  the team of his love.

The list is long and no doubt we could go on naming wonderful events that happened during this year, but we hope that the ones we have reviewed today will fill you with energy to celebrate the end of the year that is ending and start two thousand seventeen with our heads held high and with all the attitude for the best, so that the best is yet to come.  to come. Happy New Year from all of us at Oasis, we wish in our hearts that 2017 will be a year full of love and dreams for all our guests and clients. Oasis Loves U

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