5 must-see tours in Cancun


One of the best reasons to choose Cancun as our vacation destination is the fact that it has so many activities that can be done, either in the city itself or heading to the also beautiful Riviera Maya, impressive theme parks, ancient culture in the form of archaeological sites and communities, rivers or underwater museums are just a few examples of the kind of fun found in Cancun, if you plan to come visit us this coming vacation season here we recommend 5 tours that you can not miss on your next trip.


Xcaret Tour, guaranteed fun


Undoubtedly the most famous park in the country, Xcaret opens its doors every day to thousands of visitors from around the world who are amazed and have fun with more than 40 attractions offered by this wonderful park, where every detail is extremely careful so that visitors spend a phenomenal day and also learn about the different cultures that make up our country, all in an environment of nature that relaxes and promotes awareness about the protection of the delicate ecosystem of the area. Do not hesitate to stay until the end and enjoy the spectacular Mexico show, it is really amazing, if you come from abroad you will marvel at our culture, if you are Mexican you will feel a great pride in our traditions, either way you will leave there, tired but very happy to have spent your day in this magnificent park.


Touring is also culture in Chichen itzá


Ok, Chichen is not located in the city of Cancun or even in the Riviera Maya area but in the state of Yucatan, more specifically in the municipality of Tinum, and although the journey can be a bit long compared to other attractions to visit in Quintana Roo, the trip is really worth it and the different service providers that offer tours to this very important archaeological site really strive to offer details that make the road even more interesting. Generally these tours include refreshments on the way in the morning plus an open bar of non-alcoholic beverages, a visit to a beautiful blue cenote or a Mayan community to better understand not only the past but the present and the challenges of the Mayan communities that exist in the Yucatan Peninsula; learn about one of the most important cultures in the history of mankind, have fun swimming in the crystal clear waters of cenotes or visit a colonial city, the long road will really be worth it.


The most fun museum tour

  1. MUSA

Cancun’s underwater museum is undoubtedly another must-see attraction on the list of attractions to visit during your next Cancun vacation.  The museum, located under the Caribbean Sea, was founded in 2009 and aims to demonstrate the interaction between art and the science of environmental conservation. The museum is part of a complex reef structure that favors the colonization of marine life, all the sculptures are fixed to the seabed and are made of special materials used to promote coral life. The facilities occupy an area of more than 420 m2 with a weight of more than 200 tons and can be visited by snorkeling.  or Scuba Diving, two activities that by themselves will make your day, do not hesitate to dive into the beautiful waters of the Mexican Caribbean, the visit to this original museum is really worth it.


Tour for speed lovers


Maybe your idea of a vacation includes a little more excitement, or just a little more  If this is not your first visit to Cancun and this time you are looking for something more extreme, whatever the reason may be, another really impressive activity to do in Cancun is at the racetrack of the same name, where the company “Exotic Rides provides its customers with the possibility of driving  some of the most luxurious cars on the planet, choose from any of their luxurious exotic cars: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, Audi R8, Lotus Elise and other super sports cars are at your disposal to drive on the racetrack or you can go to the limit and drive  some of the most luxurious cars on the planet, choose from any of their luxurious exotic cars: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, Audi R8, Lotus Elise and other super sports cars are at your disposal to drive on the racetrack or you can go to the limit and drive


Let’s be honest  since 1989 when “Marty  McFly” will use a “flying” skateboard in the movie Back to the Future 2, all of us who have seen the movie have wished at some point to ride one of these boards and have fun in the air, even though companies have been known to use them for years.  as “Hendo” are already working on a real version of this board, for now the closest and most spectacular thing that can be used is a “Flyboard or hoverboard” of water, the system consists simply of a board that expels a jet under pressure.  different companies offer in Cancun the possibility to live this fantastic experience and have fun as a child with an attraction that we have always dreamed of, be sure to visit one of these places to have an extreme and sensational afternoon, it will truly be a unique experience in your life.

Of course there are many more attractions, parks, archeological and historical sites to visit during your Cancun vacation,  hence the importance of planning ahead and not wasting days looking for the right attraction for you or your family, contact our representatives at Caribe Maya, They will gladly assist you and recommend the best tours for you to have fun and save money.

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