5 reasons to choose Oasis

Preparing a visit to a destination as stunning as Cancun takes time, money, and effort, what’s more, a lack of information can result in not getting the full holiday experience. So to help you in making your decisions here are 5 reasons to go with Oasis, remembering as always OasisLovesU.

1. A hotel for every occasion

Oasis Hotels & Resorts offer a diverse choice of hotels to suit every need; whether you are travelling with your family, your partner, on business, for Spring Break, to relax, looking for a place that’s adults-only, or for a luxurious urban experience, no matter how you arrive, Oasis has the perfect room for you.

2. Location, location, location


Grand Oasis Tulum

The locations of our hotels are just as important as what they offer. At Oasis Tulum, CancunPalm, and Sens you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, coral reefs within a few feet, Spanish galleons that adorn the landscape, and intense colors that disappear into the horizon. If you are travelling on business you will not find a better located hotel than our Oh! by Oasis and Oasis Smart options in the heart of Cancun city.

3. Number 1 in entertainment

Whether it’s enjoying traditional Mexican Mariachis at Oasis Palm or a Cirque de Soleil style show at Oasis Cancun, the entertainment in our hotels is second to none. Singers, acrobats, ballerinas, contortionists, comedians, musicians, and many more entertain guests at no extra cost and without you having to leave the comfort of our hotels.

Oh! by Oasis, the urban experience

4. Cuisine

In Oasis we don’t just like haute cuisine, we love it! How does Mexican-Japanese fusion on a beautiful terrace sound? Or being pleasantly tricked at the best restaurant in Cancun, or enjoying a dinner in the dark where your senses are working overtime. In the Mexican Caribbean, Oasis is the best option. We offer an impressive variety of cuisines to delight the
diverse tastes of our guests.

The White Box, Oasis Cancun

5. The personal touch is our trademark

A warm welcome, a friendly team that knows you and has your best interests at heart, and relationships that last a lifetime, these are the hallmarks of a stay at Oasis. Each and every one of our great team work hard to make your holidays everything you wanted them to be and more. At Oasis we don’t just want to be your favorites, we really love you.

After reading these key reasons all that is left is for you to book your stay with us and wait for the day of arrival, as we wait in great anticipation to welcome you to the best the Mexican Caribbean has to offer.

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