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Viajar en avión en Ocasiones es divertido y reconfortante, en ocasiones no tanto, pero también existen aquellas otras donde el camino es francamente aburrido, viajar 3, 6, o 12 horas sobre un océano a  41,000 feet up in the air is extremely tedious and even more so if we count the many discomforts that happen on a plane, cramped spaces, elbow collisions, hungry babies are just a few examples of what can go wrong on the way to your vacation, but hey! All is not lost, if you are smarter than the rest and prepare your trip in advance, you may well come out ahead of the experience and turn your long journey through the skies into an unforgettable experience. a moment of relaxation and rest before going to the beach to have fun, that’s why, Here are 5 tips that will make your life easier during your next vacation.

Time to time


Don’t let the plane leave you.

There is no doubt that planning ahead is excellent advice before leaving on vacation, having your bags packed and everything planned ahead of time can save you not only the not only unhappy about arriving late and missing the flight, but also falling victim to unscrupulous airlines that overbook seats on the flight and evidently leave late arrivals behind, take your time from the moment you choose the departure time, so you will be prepared for any unforeseen event that may occur.

2. Technology is your friend

travel by plane

Air travel is better with NapWrap

Evidently one of the biggest problems with traveling is the sheer amount of time you have to kill on flights, regardless of whether you decide to sleep, read, play, watch a movie or (in case the airline allows it) connect to the internet, a single activity for more than 3hrs can really become a problem, find an ally in travel gadgets, either a website like seatguru, that helps you to find the best seat depending on your flight or the NapWrap, a multipurpose strap or sling that will help you not to suffer those terrible armrest battles, as well as serving as a mask to help you sleep or to hold your cell phone on your arm, there are also GPS for the suitcase, ostrich pillows, etc. and many other gadgets available that will make your life easier, of course it is important to have your cell phone, a tablet or a Kindle and your usb cable at hand as many airplanes already have the option to charge your  devices so you don’t run out of energy.

3. Hallways, always the hallways


Aisle or window, that is the question when traveling by air.

Maybe one of your gadgets has helped you fall asleep, but it will be of little use if you have to stand up or step aside every time the people next to you need to go to the toilet. or stretch your legs, especially if you are in a row of three seats at the side of the plane, try to get a window seat and manage the liquids you drink to go to the bathroom, also try to use the powder room just a moment before the meal is served, remember that once the whole plane has dined it will not be so pleasant to use the private bathroom, but if despite your best efforts, it will not be so pleasant to use it.  you couldn’t choose a window seat think that the middle seats are less pleasant because you can’t see out, but in exchange and with a bit of luck, you can spend the whole trip without being disturbed by your neighbors in the air and rest or read without major concern until you reach your destination.

4. Be careful with the suitcases


Take care of your luggage when traveling by plane.

It is common knowledge that at airports our luggage is treated without any care, and it is not surprising with the immense amount of luggage that these men and women must accommodate every day, so to avoid any temptation or “long hand”.  in those moments when we do not have our luggage in sight, one of the best tips is to wrap the bags with plastic wrap at the airport before checking them in, the peace of mind is well worth it and it only takes a few minutes, another good tip for luggage is to try to load your carry-on bags with the heaviest items, this way you will not exceed the weight of your checked bag and you can avoid extra charges.

5. Peace of mind   for air travel

travel by plane

Relaxed is the best way to travel by plane.

Of course all these tips are extremely useful when traveling by plane, however the best advice we can give you is to loosen your muscles, take a deep breath and just enjoy your vacation, enjoy the company, enjoy how lucky you are to be able to travel, or maybe the people you are going to visit, enjoy being in the company of the people you are going to visit, enjoy being with, and enjoy the people you are going to visit.
We are sure that if you follow this advice and support yourself in the other 4, your airplane trip will be as pleasant as the destination you have chosen for your vacation.

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