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Are you traveling with us soon? Then you should read these five tips that will make your Oasis vacation an unforgettable experience:


  1. Reserve your transportation in advance.


Booking in advance is undoubtedly the best advice for your next vacation.


That feeling of anticipation that we have during the night or the days before our vacation is sensational. The excitement of a few days of relaxation, comfort and beach is undoubtedly one of the best things that life has to offer, but it can all fall apart if we do not plan ahead for some details that, although they seem minor, end up being very important.

One of these details is transportation. After traveling for hours, the last thing you need is to stand in long lines, wait a long time or spend a lot of money. Arrange your transportation ahead of time and let your trip flow, it will also help you to do the accounts in advance and avoid surprises to your pocket.

Contact Viajes Caribe Maya and book with them your transportation to and from the hotel, we assure you that the trouble you save will make the harmony continue throughout your vacation.



  1. Reservations at our a la carte restaurants.


Oasis is an expert in gastronomy, different restaurants in our hotels are constantly at the top of the popularity charts in Cancun. Molecular cuisine, tapas, Nikkei food, the list of specialties of Oasis is very large, so on your next visit be sure to book in advance a dinner in one of our specialty restaurants, we assure you that it will be an unforgettable experience.


What are the best restaurants in Oasis? Find out here…


  1. Stay in one, but visit them all.


Make the most of your stay.


As is well known, Oasis is the number 1 company in Cancun, we arrive before anyone else, we know the destination better than anyone else and we have more rooms than anyone else. Make the most of your vacation at Oasis by visiting other hotels, just contact our concierge office (Oasis Plus) and we will be happy to explain how to visit all the hotels in the chain and make the most of your vacation.

  1. Enjoy an   afternoon at the Spa.


An outdoor massage will change everything, this is a tip from friends.


Cancun is a place with many archaeological sites, stunning beaches, beautiful cenotes, fun activities and  unparalleled service. However, vacations are not only an adventure to new lands, but also a time to get out of the routine and really relax, choose an afternoon of your days with us and simply let yourself be pampered by the professionals of our Kin-Ha Spa, no doubt you will return home as a new person.


  1. Take a look at our cultural events.



We are experts in gastronomy, we are leaders in terms of occupancy in the city, but even more, we are the masters of entertainment and culture in Cancun. Oasis is a company that goes beyond tourism and for years we have created and presented different festivals, shows, concerts, art exhibitions and much more. On your next visit, contact us through social networks and find out what events will be during your stay, we have something for every taste, jazz festival, Mexican music, boxing, the best new year in town and this is just a little of how much we do, so now you know, set aside a day to go to one of our events, and if you travel with children do not worry, we have babysitting service.

These are just 5 quick tips to make your vacations unforgettable, but if you have more questions please contact us through social networks to solve any doubt and give you the best tips to make your vacations   extraordinary.

Just click on the hotel of your choice.

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