Best Activities in Chiapas

For those who have taken the opportunity to travel through Mexico, going through each of its corners, the state of Chiapas is a must, due to the natural beauty of its scenery, the cultural wealth of its cities, and the fascinating archeological vestiges, not to mention the variety and color of its delicious gastronomy.

If you still don’t know this beautiful state, here we will give you an overview of several places to visit when in Chiapas.

First of all, we will begin with the capital city, therefore, below you will learn more about what to do when in Tuxtla Gutierrez.

Best Activities in Tuxtla Gutierrez

activities in tuxtla gutierrez

Possibly, one of the most emblematic places in Chiapas is the imposing Cañon del Sumidero (Sumidero Canyon). There are two ways of enjoying this marvelous scenery carved by nature; the first one is on a boat that will take you to sail through the river, while you admire the local flora and fauna. Several tours offer this option; it will all come to down to your budget and what you wish to see.

The second option is booking an excursion to go up the Sumidero Canyon and take a walk through the lookouts, in order to admire breathtaking views from the heights.

Another option you cannot miss is visiting el Museo del Cafe (the Coffee Museum). Provided Chiapas’ fame as a coffee producer, here you will get to know each detail of the production process, enjoy a tasting, in addition to purchasing some of it to take home and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, while its aroma takes you back to the beautiful corners of Chiapas.

A perfect activity to enjoy with your family is visiting Miguel Alvarez Del Toro zoo, a space that encompasses a wide variety of endemic species, such as big felines, spider monkeys, colorful birds, fascinating insects, and a lot more.

Best Activities in Tapachula

history of chiapas

Located at the southern end of Chiapas, and bordering Guatemala, Tapachula has great commercial importance to the state, due to its production of coffee, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Moreover, it also has much to offer to the tourist sector, with a wide diversity of attractions; therefore, below we will show you some options of what to do in Tapachula.

How about starting with an archeology tour? For history and exploration enthusiasts, here you will find Izapa; a huge archeological site that some attribute to the time of transition between the Olmeca and Maya cultures, built approximately in 1,500 B.C.

We recommend that you take this tour accompanied by a specialized guide, as this is an enormous land extension, and throughout its more than 160 buildings and 250 sculptures, some remain covered by nature.

Another great option when you are looking for what to do in Tapachula is visiting the San Agustin Church, where you will get to admire the beautiful neoclassic architecture and an assortment of works of art. It is a quick visit available all week long from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

Some other best excursions in Tapachula are the route of bananas, the Tacana volcano with its imposing views from a height of more than 4,400 yards, the calm Pozuelos lagoon, or the extensive beaches of Boca del Cielo.

Some Other Must-visit Destinations in Chiapas

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The beauty that can be found in each corner of Chiapas, makes this state a place where you’ll want to go back to time after time, as there is so much to discover that it is barely impossible to explore all its attractions in a single vacation period.

We mentioned just a couple of destinations, however, a good explorer knows that there are also a lot of activities in Chiapa de Corzo, in colonial cities like San Cristobal de las Casa, and in one of the most important archeological sites of the Maya culture, therefore, you will also be interested in discovering what to do in Palenque, Chiapas.


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