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maleconamericasThe beautiful island that makes up Cancun’s hotel zone is a magical place without equal, not for nothing. millions of tourists choose this place as a tourist destination because Cancun’s hotel zone offers its visitors all kinds of entertainment for all kinds of tourists, However, many of us like to soak up the culture of the locals when we travel, knowing how others live gives us feedback and helps us to better understand the world and therefore enjoy it even more. For those with this adventurous spirit, downtown Cancun is an excellent option.  Ours is a very young city that nevertheless already has its traditions and “historical” places,  take a bus downtown and discover the Cancun that you won’t find in any travel brochure.


Cancun Planetarium

  1. Ka’yok’

The Ka’yok’ Scientific, Technological  and Cultural  Complex is the   second node of the state’s Planetarium system, it is a cultural complex built in 2014 as an effort to bring  The planetarium includes a small water museum, an observatory, as well as rooms dedicated to the Mayan culture and a projection room, the Cancun planetarium is undoubtedly an excellent place to visit if you travel to the center of our beautiful city, as a city in constant growth ours is a city that every day needs and demands more and more activities that not only link us with tourism and activities related to it, but with culture and knowledge, the planetarium includes a small water museum, an observatory, as well as rooms dedicated to the Mayan culture and a projection room, the Cancun planetarium is certainly an excellent place to visit if you travel to the center of our beautiful city. Translated with (free version)


Market 23, the first market in Cancun.

 2.  Markets 23 and 28

 Respectively the first and Cancun’s most popular market, these two historic sites offer a touch of Mexican tradition to your visit, traditional food, handicrafts, bars, tortilla shops and all kinds of stores typical of a Mexican market. These places have become important meeting places for a city with modernity at the forefront and that finds in these places a loophole for our most cherished traditions, which are basic to understand our culture and our day to day life.

Tigers of Quintana Roo

Tigres de Quintana Roo, pride of Cancun.

 3.   Stadium Beto Ávila

 Home of the 11-time champions of the Mexican baseball league The Tigres are the second winningest franchise of the same, and, although the history of this team dates back to Mexico City and the year 1955, a time when not only the city of Cancun did not yet exist, but not even the state of Quintana Roo, the Tigres de Quintana Roo are already an essential part of the culture of the Cancunenses,  With two championships won in this stadium and a fan base that is truly loyal, taking the time to attend a Tigers game is a worthwhile experience, even if baseball is not your favorite sport, I guarantee you will have a great night supporting the pride of Cancun.


Kabah Park, a lung of Cancun.

 4. Parque Kabah

With an extension of 40 hectares, the Kabah ecological park is not only one of the most important lungs of our city, it is also a vestige of the jungle that once was Cancun and is also home to some endangered animals, deer, coatis, badgers, squirrels and different kinds of birds coexist in this park and can be easily spotted.  If you enjoy ecotourism and learning about the flora and fauna of the places you visit, Kabah Park is for you.


Parque las Palapas

5. Palapas Park

 If we want to talk about tradition and historical places in Cancun we can not fail to mention this park, a daily meeting place for hundreds of families, couples and groups of friends, this iconic park serves as an auditorium for concerts as well as a meeting point for political rallies, The same to eat a traditional esquite or for a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants located in its surroundings, located in the heart of Cancun, Las Palapas Park is a place that you really can not miss when you come to Cancun, if there is a place in the city that can speak for its people, no doubt this would be Las Palapas Park.


The new nights in downtown Cancun.

 6. Crazy Hot Coyote

 From the last quarter of 2014 a renovation of the center of our city has been happening, some areas have been remodeled in an effort to improve the image of downtown and make it even more a pleasant area for visitors, both Mexicans and foreigners to know and make us feel proud of our beautiful city, the area that comprises from the glorieta del ceviche, guardian of the road linking the hotel zone with the city this remodeling is giving new face to this area, Crazy Hot Coyote is a Club/Cabaret with live music, dance, acrobatics and comedians, plus an exquisite place to dine while enjoying the spicy shows that are offered, hand in hand with the new remodeling of downtown Cancun, CHC is giving a new face to downtown and you can not miss the opportunity to meet the nights of downtown Cancun.

The places are many and varied, do not hesitate for a minute, if you are in Cancun for your vacation remember that we are much more than just a sun and beach destination and visit these wonderful places that are also waiting for you.

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