The National Museum in the Cjapultepec Park

Chapultepec Forest

The National Museum in the Cjapultepec Park

If you are looking for different places to get lost in to admire the most beautiful creations or visit the attractions of San Luis Potosi where the famous sculpture garden of Edward James is located, you have found the information you need.

Among the many options that the park offers you are to play sports, visit the monuments or museums, take your children to play in the children’s areas and much more.

Chapultepec Park

Located in Mexico City, this is one of the largest parks in the world with 678 hectares where you can enjoy a variety of activities during your visit to the city.

You can start by taking a bike and ride around the park on two wheels for a circuit of almost 4 kilometers or if you are an experienced athlete, you can ride the mile, the Ghandi circuit or look for different combinations of varying difficulties to test yourself.

Skate lovers will be in their element at the Skatepark, where the 8 platforms with obstacles, slopes and half pipes, among others, will allow them to perform all kinds of acrobatics and tricks.

The lakes of Chapultepec

The park has a major lake and a minor lake, both of which are perfect for photography and to see the fauna and flora that inhabit them. We recommend you to take the boats that are available to the public to see Chapultepec Park from a different perspective. You will love it!

Don’t forget to grab snacks or drinks during your tour: you have the Porrúa Cafeteria, the Chapultepec Bistro or the Lago Restaurant to choose from among the different snack options to choose from inside the park.

Lake in Chapultepec Park

Chapultepec Botanical Garden

Inaugurated in 2006, this was the first botanical garden in Mexico, which from the beginning housed exotic plants brought from other states. It has more than 5 hectares where you can observe hundreds of species of flowers, such as succulents, cacti and orchids. As of 2017 there are about 300 varieties of plants of all kinds such as pollinators, edible or wild.

Chapultepec Museums

In addition to green areas, restaurants and children’s playgrounds, this immense park houses 8 museums, such as the Natural History, Anthropology and Modern Art museums.

We talked a little more about the famous Chapultepec Castle or National Museum of History, a building that witnessed important historical milestones throughout much of Mexican history, which contains 100,000 objects such as paintings, accessories, sculptures and a long etcetera for you to soak up culture and learn more about the country.

Chapultepec Fountains

  • Fountain of the nymphs
  • Guardian sources of the future
  • Quixote Fountain
  • Source of the water myth
  • Fountain of Nezahualcoyotl
  • Fountain of frogs
  • Source of temperance

As you can see, there are multiple fountains throughout this park, each with a different story to tell. For example, the fountain of Nezahualcoyotl is one of the most important with a surface of 1250 square meters in which several scenes of the life of the tlatoani of Texcoco are presented. Will you find them all?

Chapultepec Park Fountain in Mexico City

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