Christmas on the beach

The festive season is upon us and for those looking to celebrate Christmas in style look no further because at Oasis we’ve got you covered! Pack your summer clothes for winter in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Have you ever seen Santa Claus wearing swimming trunks? No? Then what are you waiting for? Leave behind the short days and long cold nights for long sunny days and fun-filled nights!

Still not convinced? Then here for you are 5 reasons to spend Christmas at Oasis:

1. Cooking up a feast!

There is no doubt that the Christmas dinner is a key part of the Yule festivities, all those different foods and drinks, what isn’t there to like? However this grandest of feasts does come Pile of Washing-upwith its obstacles; the many hours toiling over the stove, timing the cooking to perfection so
that the food is served simultaneously, worrying whether you’ve remembered to buy all the vegetables, making sure your daughter’s meal is now gluten-free, and not to mention the clean-up afterwards!

That’s why we recommend that this year you should turn off the oven and leave everything in the professional hands of the Oasis team by joining us for Christmas dinner.

2. Creating long lasting memories together


It doesn’t matter how many people you are travelling with or whether you are holidaying with your partner, family or friends, after a Christmas vacation with Oasis you will leave with magical memories that will last a lifetime. Playing in our warm waters with your friends, watching your child swim for the first time in the longest winding swimming pool in Latin America, eating that delicious gourmet dinner with your loved one; every moment at Oasis can provide a special memory, and at Christmas these memories will no doubt include the fantastic decorations on display and the special entertainment we offer this time of year.

3. A change of routine

aaaaaaaaTraditions have their roots in what we adopt from family and friends and the culture that surrounds us, some of these customs have been passed down from generation to generation. Here at Oasis we believe that it is important to respect these practices and keep them going for future generations as they are very much a part of who we are. Nevertheless, a change from the norm every once in a while can provide a refreshing reminder of what you are missing out on during this festive period; time spent playing with your kids rather than in the kitchen, having fun on the beach rather than spending time in traffic visiting your different relatives, switching off completely from work mode to finally spend some quality time just you and your other half. We can assure you that you will be richer for the change in routine.

4. Say goodbye to the cold

navidadplayaWrapping up warm with a hot festive drink is an enjoyable part of Christmas, however weeks of insufferably cold temperatures and constantly having to clear your drive of snow is not quite as enjoyable. So leave the cold behind for a week or two and book your Christmas vacations with us, we can assure you that while you’re sunbathing on one of our beautiful white sand beaches sipping a piña colada you will forget what the cold even feels like.

5. All the family together


Job and studying opportunities in far flung places means that today’s family is often separated from each other during long periods of time. The festive season becomes a time for all the family to get together. If there is one thing better than having Christmas dinner with your family it’s having several sumptuous dinners, fun on the beach, and watching world class shows; just some of the things you can enjoy when booking Christmas at Oasis.

So there you have it, some great reasons to spend the festive period in warmer climes. It’s time to lose the scarf and put on your bathing suit for a Christmas you’ll never forget!

Your Christmas on the beach is just a few clicks away!

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