Crazy Hot Coyote, the club that has it all

Beauty, skill, and elegance at Crazy Hot Coyote

Crazy Hot Coyote (CHC) is a place where entertainment and fun is the dish of the day. This cabaret style club is located in the heart of Cancun city center, close to the Hotel Zone. It has quickly become a jewel in the crown of Cancun’s nightlife. Her attractive exterior makes it difficult to go unnoticed.

Upon arrival, a fabulous wooden front terrace welcomes you where you can have drinks, catch up with friends, and enjoy the laidback atmosphere.

Inside you will find the unique, the original, the incomparable, a cabaret style club with an unbeatable atmosphere, excellent audio and lighting, and the first class service you would expect from Oasis Hotels & Resorts. Its pièce de résistance, however, are its live shows. Dozens of dancers, singers, comedians, acrobats, and DJs give life to 3 weekly shows that provide the perfect entertainment for all, in a fun and exclusive atmosphere.

The shows

Burlesque show

Thursday nights are for (though not exclusively) the girls, Crazy Hot Coyote ‘Ladies Night’; with Cosmopolitans and 2 for 1 on Martini’s for tha chic touch, carefully prepared by our bartenders.

When we reach the end of the week the club extends the partying for an extra hour unleashing its sensuality and elegance with its Burlesque show. The night showcases the best of Oasis’ entertainment with a spicy kick that’s ideal to enjoy with friends or partners.

Last but not least is Saturdays ‘Crazy Hot Coyote’ night, an energetic and exciting spectacle, hosted by the star of the show ‘Mr. Coyote’, who will take you on a journey full of surprises, music, and dance not found elsewhere.

Perfect for all occasions

CHC is a spectacular place, ideal for celebrating a special occasion in style, from Birthdays to Hen Nights, the shows and entertainment provide something for everyone.

While here why not try our signature cocktail ‘El Coyotito’ (Little Coyote), a delicious combination of vodka and melon liquor, and the perfect accompaniment to the hottest and craziest shows in Cancun. And that’s not all, CHC also offers a delightful array of dishes to delight the taste buds, such as crab and chipotle croquettes, and our famous mini hamburgers, a must for all carnivores.  With its shows and lively atmosphere, CHC is definitely the club that has it all!


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