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Poza Azul Cuatro Cienagas

Cuatro Ciénagas is one of the magical towns that make up the state of Coahuila, within the long list of magical towns in the country since 2012. It is perfect for a relaxing vacation with the whole family, where you can see natural attractions as well as the colonial heritage that is breathed in its streets.

The little beaches of Cuatro Cienagas

This place is unique, since it is one of the few beaches that are located in a desert. In addition, everything economically related to Las Playitas is destined to finance the Four Swamps plan proposed for the year 2040 on which the future community is to be based.

Among the different activities that can be carried out in the area are water activities such as kayaking or sports activities such as hiking or biking. Be sure to visit the online page where you can learn about everything that is offered at Las Playitas de Cuatro Cienagas.

You can hire the sunset pass, which will allow you to see the spectacular sunset, practice different activities and taste the food and wine of the region.

You can also hire the day pass, which in addition to being able to do all of the above, you will make the most of the daytime experience. Finally, there is also a nice ”night, wine and stars pack”, where you can watch the sunset, the sunset all while enjoying a nice dinner and learning about the stars.

La Poza Azul Cuatro Cienagas

Although it is a little far from the town, 9 kilometers away, La Poza Azul is a recommended destination to visit during your stay in the municipality. This protected area is full of vegetation and transparent waters in which live different species of plants and animals is unique.

The true wonder of the area is the Poza Azul, which has a depth of more than five meters. Its waters have a very particular color because it has a high content of a mineral of light blue tones. It is not possible to bathe inside.

To enter the site in your own vehicle it is necessary to pay a cost of 560 Mexican pesos, although if you hire a tour guide, the price per person is reduced to 40 pesos.

Cuatro Cienagas Gypsum Dunes

The gypsum dunes are an incredible natural attraction very characteristic of Cuatro Cienagas. It is believed that there are only a couple of similar formations worldwide, which are in the Americas and Africa.

The dunes have more than 800 hectares, which are composed of a white desert full of white mounds of different sizes and shapes. Different endangered species also live there.

If you decide to venture to know this magical place, it is advisable to take a guided tour with specialists in the place so that they can explain in detail why they have that color, how many years it has taken its formation, among many other curiosities.

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