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Admired throughout the world for being an artistic and political reference, this Mexican artist has managed to be essential in the pictorial history of the twentieth century both for her works and for her ideas and actions.

Life of Frida Kahlo

Born in Mexico City in 1907 and of German descent, she is currently one of the most recognized Mexican artists for her fantastic works, her activism and, in the background, her love life.

Since she was very young she had polio disease, which caused one of her legs to be shorter than the other. Not only did that not cause him low self-esteem, but it even gave him more strength to grow up with a unique character. Years later he had a serious bus accident that left him immobile for 9 months, a stage in which he started in art, more specifically in portraiture.

In 1929 she married Diego Rivera, a well-known muralist with whom she had a relationship full of crises and ups and downs. Kahlo not only stood out for her painting, she entered politics as a member of the communist party, taught painting at the National School of Painting and Sculpture ”La Esmeralda” and was the creator of fantastic works such as ”The Two Fridas”, ”The Broken Column” or ”The Wounded Deer”.

Frida Kahlo’s House or Blue House

It was her parents’ house, the home where she would grow up and spend most of her life: first with her family and then with her husband, the artist Diego de Rivera. It was also the place of his death in 1954.

In his more adult stage, several of his close friends from different parts of the world stayed at the famous house in Coyoacán. Her marriage to Rivera meant that they lived in many places around the world, but Frida always returned to her beloved family home.

Facade blue house Frida Kahlo

Museum of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo

If you decide to take one of the many tours of Mexico City, you definitely have to make a stop to visit this famous museum (now converted, as it was a house inhabited by the artist’s family).

It was Frida who wanted her home to become a museum, and Rivera who would fulfill her wish upon Kahlo’s death. It was in 1958 when the Museum was inaugurated, which currently exhibits to the public objects of the artist, works of different kinds, photographs, personal books, among others.

It was the specialists of Apoyo al Desarrollo de Archivos y Bibliotecas de Méxicos (ADABI) who were able to compile all those treasures belonging to the artist, thus turning the blue house into a great disseminator of the life and history of a strong and talented woman, in addition to making its visitors participants of Mexican culture.

For those who want to know in depth the interior of the blue house can do so from Tuesday to Sunday, and even hire a guided tour with professionals who will explain in more detail the history and content of everything you see.

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