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Oasis Cancun

Since time immemorial man has had dreams and not just the kind we have when we sleep but those of our wishes and desires; dreams of understanding and getting to grips with the world around us. One of humanities biggest dreams is to fly, to take to the skies and to tackle the natural force that keeps us in place, gravity.

Fear and freedom

cancun-desde-el-avion1Perhaps it is for this reason that flying induces sensations of fear and freedom, of enjoyment and nervousness. The prospect of crossing barriers and travelling far and wide fills us with excitement and reminds us that life is an adventure. It doesn’t matter if we are travelling for business, for fun, or for love. Whether at our destination we hope to close that important deal, meet up with loved ones, find love, or have fun with friends, these experiences make us feel alive and can all be had with us.

At Oasis we like an adventure

At Oasis we understand better than anyone in Cancun the need for adventure and we recognize that you will be spending special occasions with us. That’s why, with years of experience, we have developed distinct concepts for each one of our hotels, because we know that when you are on business you need a place that is centrally located, where it is easy to get some rest. That when you are travelling as a family the children also need places to have fun and be entertained. That when you’re on that romantic getaway, it is just that, a get-away from all the hustle and bustle. That if you’re looking for relaxation Tulum is the place to be.

For you

That’s why we work each and every day to serve you, because we too are like you, we too are travellers. We know how important your vacations are and that behind every journey there is an aim, we are here to help you achieve it.

Visit our website today, or find us on Facebook or Twitter. It will be a pleasure to help make your next vacations with us the best you have ever had. Just click on the image of your favourite hotel to begin those vacations that you so rightly deserve!


Oasis Palm, the family hotel


Grand Oasis Sens, the adults-only hotel


Grand Oasis Tulum, the place to relax

Oh! by Oasis

Oh! by Oasis, a stylish, urban experience


Oasis Cancun, the grandmaster of fun

Oasis Smart

Oasis Smart

Oasis Smart, the businesspersons’ hotel

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