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Ever since man has been conscious and has observed the world around him there have been dreams,  of course not the ones we have while we sleep, but those of the desire to understand and replicate the world around us. One of the greatest dreams of mankind is undoubtedly to fly, to take to the skies and defy one of the fundamental principles that governs us without limiting us, gravity.

Fear and freedom

cancun-desde-el-avion1Maybe that’s why being in the air gives that feeling of fear and freedom, of joy and nervousness,
the expectation to cross barriers, to go beyond and of course to travel, fills us with emotion and reminds us that ours is an adventure, no matter if we travel for business, for fun or for love, on the other side of the road awaits us a destination, to make that business, to meet again with loved ones, to discover a love, to laugh with friends, all experiences that make us be and feel alive, all experiences that you can live with us.

At Oasis  we like adventure

At Oasis we understand like no one else in Cancun this sense of adventure and we know that  on the other side of your trip, there are important moments and days for you, that’s why and with the experience that the years give us, we have developed different concepts for each of our hotels, because we know that when you travel on business you need to be well located and rest peacefully, because we know that your family travels include  and children need safe and fun spaces to entertain themselves, because on your romantic trip,  avoiding the hustle and bustle and having a beautiful time as a couple is a priority, because we know that if you want to rest, Tulum is the only word you need to hear.

For you

And that’s why we also work every day and every night for you, because we are also travelers, because we are people just like you, because we know how important it is for you, the time with us, it’s not just about  of wandering the caribbean, behind every trip there is a purpose, and we want to help you fulfill it.

Visit our website today, or find us on social networks, it will be a pleasure to help you make your next vacation the best you’ve ever had, just click on your favorite hotel to start that vacation you deserve so much.


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Oh! by Oasis

Oh! by Oasis


Oasis Cancun

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Oasis Smart

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