The grandmaster of fun

The entertainment hotel

Known as the grandmaster of fun, the Oasis Cancun hotel offers live concerts, music festivals, shows, themed parties, comedic sketches, and a never ending plethora of attractions. Its entertainment team aims to amaze guests with eye-catching spectacles, full of color and fun.

The experience begins once guests arrive and continues non-stop until it is time to depart. Upon arrival guests are greeted by the WELCOMES, a group of comedians and singers who give a vociferous welcome to make you feel right at home.

Just imagine

Imagine that your meal gets interrupted by a certain group of chefs whose main dish is to dance and sing, or that you’re enjoying a swim and you suddenly come across some very angry nuns. If you’re lucky you might just catch the swimming pool “wedding”, or Mexico’s most original dolphin show.

The little ones will also enjoy the fantastic KIDS CLUB show, with the lovable Fakir, the Grand Prix racers, and the boxers, who will give our youngest guests an unforgettable holiday experience.

At night the hotel puts on one of its spectacular shows in its grand lobby where our acrobats and ballerinas will have you gasping in amazement. Or how about something more intimate like a romantic dinner where you and your partner can enjoy live music right by your table.      

The (best) team

Our entertainment team is made up of professional artists and graduates from some of the great schools of drama, dance, and music. Specialists in different disciplines but with the same dedication to entertain and offer guests an unforgettable experience in the most fun hotel in the world, the Oasis Cancun.

Fun and laughter

Getting ready to entertain

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