Have you heard about sargassum?

Sea with sargassum

For those who decide to organize the best vacation and have saved up to treat themselves, you will have to be careful not to book during the sargasso season. If you still don’t know exactly what it consists of, we explain it to you.

What is sargasso?

They are a kind of brown or green algae that smell unpleasant. They usually appear on the coasts of the Mexican Caribbean beaches due to the high levels of sewage and fertilizers that end up in the oceans, causing a massive growth of the algae.

Although it is not the only destination where sargassum has been found, it is truly worrisome the havoc it is causing to tourism in the area and is directly related to global warming, among other reasons.

Sargassum in Riviera Maya

It usually appears on the different beaches of the Caribbean coast from April onwards. Although the problem has worsened in recent years, the arrival of this algae has been observed since 2011.

The beach with sargassum

It is not advisable to go to the beach when algae are present, due to their toxicity indexes that can cause various problems to people.

They are also highly polluting when in contact with both seawater and sand, and are very dangerous to marine animals and reefs in the area.

In addition, when there is usually sargassum, operators and specialized personnel try to go to the coasts for its rapid elimination, so it will be difficult to enjoy it.

Uses of sargassum

Walking along the beach with sargassum

Despite all the environmental problems that this annoying algae can generate, alternative uses are being found to make the most of it. Firstly, it has been observed that it can be a source of energy to generate biogas or coal, among other types of fuel.

Another use for the sargassum is to convert it into material suitable for construction, although it is also being used as fertilizer thanks to its high nitrogen and other nutrient content.

Lodging in Riviera Maya

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