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Hotel Grand Oasis Sens

Visiting Cancun takes on a different significance depending on your age, who you are going with, or what you plan to do in this paradisiacal destination. It is a great place to meet new people, to immerse yourself in Mayan history, or to relax and enjoy life and the natural surroundings, but sometimes, and only sometimes it can be all three at once.

Situated at the 19.5 kilometer mark on Boulevard Kulkulkan is the Grand Oasis Sens; with its breathtaking views of the lagoon on one side and the sea on the other and where you will find some of the finest food this city has to offer. The hotel is a few hundred meters from the Mayan archaeological site known as El Rey (The King), and very close to the most famous beach in Cancun known to locals as El Mirador (The Viewpoint) for the stunning views it boasts.

A hotel with unbeatable views

To speak of this hotel is to speak of the extraordinary. Like its restaurant Benazuza, the flagship of the Oasis group, this hotel is simply magnificent. Guests can enjoy rooms with their own private pools, beautiful views of the white sandy beach, and sushi by the sea.

During the day the recommendation is simple; relax and let our team take care of your every need. Muérdeme Mucho, the hotels Mexican restaurant, is a favorite for many. Its colorful interior and folkloric items lets you know you are in for a Mexican treat. Snacks are also readily available, whether you’re having fun in the pool or playing volleyball on the beach, a hamburger or ice cream is close at hand. At night give your taste buds a good workout at our restaurant Black Hole where delicious dishes are served in complete darkness.

Restaurant Black Hole


After dinner it’s time to check out the entertainment. The Kinky nightclub is the place to have a hot and spicy night; good music, an impressive show, and a dancefloor ready for you to show off your moves.



If the drinks are included, the dinner was fantastic, and you find yourself relaxed and happy, then you must be at the Grand Oasis Sens.

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