Isla Mujeres, the island of the goddess Ixchel


The island where the sun rises

Isla Mujeres is the easternmost area of Mexico, which has led its inhabitants to coin a motto that identifies them: Mexico wakes up here, and this beautiful corner of the country is undoubtedly an outstanding territory for the impressive and exuberant beauty of its waters, its streets, its fauna, its vegetation and its people, Isla Mujeres is the beauty and tranquility of a Caribbean island, but only a few minutes away, if you come to Cancun on vacation and you are thinking about activities to do during the same, set aside a day to know a place so beautiful that the sun, the star that gives us life, decides to go out there every day before greeting the whole country.

The road to the Island

ferry-hacia-isla mujeres

On the way to Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres is located just 6 km from the northwest coast of Cancun, making it really easy for those with an adventurous heart to make a trip to this beautiful resort, And what a trip! During the trip and depending on the time of the day you can observe beautiful sunsets, breathtaking sunrises from behind the island, beautiful waters and intense colors like nowhere else in the Mexican Caribbean, a mixture of turquoise and deep marine blues combine to form a brilliant mosaic almost unreal, fluorescent, sublime and intense, the ticket price is another incentive as it ranges only 180 pesos per round trip, is also very comfortable and there are always live musicians play some songs while you sail the turquoise waters of the sea. They help to brighten up your day and make your trip more enjoyable.

To the adventure

Isla Mujeres

Punta Sur, the best views of the island

Upon arrival at Isla Mujeres, the first recommendation is to get a Golf cart as soon as possible, Isla Mujeres has a length of It is about 7 kilometers long by 1 in its widest part, so touring it is simple and relaxing, the rental of these cars cost about 600 pesos per day and will allow you to know every corner of the island thoroughly and without haste, we recommend a visit to the southern part of the island, where you can find vestiges of the pre-classical Mayas, who dedicated un templo en esta isla a la diosa Ixchel, diosa maya de la Luna, el amor y la fertilidad, and can be visited by driving your golf cart to the southern tip of Isla Mujeres; amazing views from the cliffs that form there while enjoying a coconut ice cream, a visit to the temple of Ixchel and the purchase of souvenirs are mandatory activities when you get to this place, turn around and go back through the eastern end of the island to the north, we promise you that the view, the sun and the tranquility in the environment will make Isla Mujeres one of your favorite places in the Caribbean and the world.

Let’s go to Isla

Isla Mujeres nightlife

The beautiful Av. Hidalgo de Isla Mujeres

Once you have done the tour the best place to sunbathe and swim in the water is precisely the opposite end known as the “Playa Norte” a place 100% relaxation and tranquility, the perfect place to forget about everything, leave your cell phone behind and disconnect for a day from the world that is out there, when you return everything will still be there, so let’s forget about everything, even more if you are traveling with your family, enjoy the view, the breeze, the sun and the privilege of vacationing in Cancun. When the sun starts to go down it will be time to turn in the car and a good dinner can be had at any of the many restaurants that are located in the area. on the famous Av. Hidalgo, beautiful cobblestone street reminiscent of Playa de Carmen’s 5th Avenue but with that relaxed and carefree atmosphere that only the islands have, Italian, Mexican, Argentinean food and a range of prices make it possible for anyone to eat well before leaving again to the ferry that will take you back to Cancun, tired yes, But with a smile that will last for daysand with the memory and the anecdote ofhaving visited two different destinations within the delicious Caribbean Sea in a single trip.

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