Lakes of Mexico

Walk around Lake Mexico

Visiting popular lakes in Mexico can be a new form of tourism that you may not have considered. If you like to travel while you get to know natural landscapes, learn about the environment and also want to get away from the big cities, we suggest you to visit a few lakes in the country.

Lake Camécuaro, Michoacán

Lake Camécuaro is within the National Park of the same name, located in Michoacán. It has been a National Park since 1940. Among its many features are its transparent waters or its huge trees that give it an unparalleled beauty that many curious people go to photograph.

It has more than 9.5 hectares of vegetation, surrounded by mountains, composed of various springs. One of the problems that citizens and authorities are encountering in Camécuaro is the contamination of its waters by discharges from nearby towns.

For those who want to get to know the place, they have the possibility of camping in the middle of nature, since there are tents to buy food and everything necessary for a unique night. Sleep in the middle of ash trees or ahuehuetes while you find ducks or butterflies of various colors.

Zumpango Lake

It is located between the municipalities of Teoloyucan and Zumpango, in the basin of the Valley of Mexico. During the late twentieth century, the water of this lake was of high quality compared to previous years, as pollution, tourism, and similar problems affected its waters.

It is, since 2003, a protected natural area ”Santuario del agua”. The Ecotourism Park is located on the site and is used to promote environmental knowledge.

If you want to spend an unforgettable day there, we advise you to take a camera and take lots of pictures of the incredible landscapes as well as the species you will find there. It is also perfect to go with the family, hire a boat ride or even book a balloon ride.

Lagos de Querétaro

  • Zimapán Dam
  • Constitución Dam
  • San Idelfonso Dam
  • Centenario Dam
  • Santa Ctarina Dam
  • La Llave Dam
  • Jalpan Dam
  • La Soledad Dam
  • El Capulin de Amealco Dam

Lake Chapala, Jalisco

Lake Chapala, JaliscoIt is currently one of the largest lakes in the country, if not the largest. It covers an area of more than 114,000 hectares and provides more than 60% of the water consumed by the city. This lake is more than 50 million years old, when it is believed to have been even older.

If you decide to visit the lake, you should know that in front of the lake is the boardwalk, a perfect place to stroll, admire the scenery and taste delicious local cuisine with your loved ones.

Another of the plans that you can make during your visit to the lake is the tour to the Isla de los Alacranes, perfect to learn about the stories and legends of the place.

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