Maki Tako, the pleasure of fusion


Maki Tako, fusion that inspires.

Maki Tako is fusion

The air rushes and makes the palm trees dance, the feeling of tranquility The day is cloudy at times, but with the heat that has started this year, we are grateful that the sun gives us breaks even if they are momentary.

As soon as we arrived at the door, a woman The spacious and beautiful dining room is a palapa open on one side and the breeze, the good weather and the hypnotizing dance of the coconut tree continue even though we are inside the restaurant, the afternoon is perfect, hunger is pressing, there is nothing left to do but sit down and enjoyan afternoon that seems to have it all.

Looking around, Maki Tako screams fusion and good taste at every corner, it’s not just about the cleverly chosen name, nor about clumsily combining two of the world’s most spectacular cuisines, but to create a concept, to elevate the details of two cultures to the highest level and unite them to create something new.

1st Half

maki tako

Cold seafood salad.

The menu is concise and effective, short and to the point, as some soccer lover I know would say, a lime soup, delicacy of the Yucatecan republic, with rice and tofu catches my attention, however, as I have said before, it is hot and the cold seafood and avocado salad with lemon and   ponzu I am convinced and I order it as the first time.

And then it happens, a beautiful dish with shrimp, fish and mussel arrives to my table and surprises me instantly, the taste of lemon and ponzu, the touch of chili and the perfect temperature of seafood with a refreshing drink,  han  and the heat of the day, and the first half comes out victorious, what a delight!  What a fusion! I’m looking forward to the main course, which by the way will have to do a lot to beat the salad.

2nd Half


Sushi al pastor, perfect fusion.

As soon as a few minutes have passed, the waiter brings the second time, I chose as stellar for this afternoon (which already becomes night) a couple of rolls (maki), the first one, shrimp marinated in achiote and wrapped in avocado with just a hint of pineapple sauce, which masterfully encompasses the fusion that the restaurant proposes and achieves; it feels Mexican, it feels Asian, the flavor is excellent, the rice is well cooked and with the perfect texture for a maki. The second, cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber wrapped in fried plantain, again the fusion, again the flavors, excuse me Maki Tako for hesitating for a moment, if the salad was good, the main course is the proof of that. At Oasis hotels, haute cuisine and gastronomy are more than priorities, bastions that safeguard the company’s success.

Let dessert come

For dessert Seaweed and piloncillo honey ice cream, but before Carlos, the very kind waiter who attends our table can reach us, I discover almost without wanting to, a plate with what looks like the traditional Thai satay dipped in a mole sauce  and as the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat and when I confirmed that my eyes were seeing what I thought they were, I had to stop ordering the ice cream and enjoy the famous dish first.  that rounded off the salty part of the evening, again a screaming  of fusion, again an impeccable dish, now yes, we are ready for ice cream.

A golden brooch


fusion between cultures and nature

The dessert should always be a star, the finishing touch to a good meal, and in Maki Tako, a place designed from head to toe to offer hotel guests an unforgettable experience, the dessert is without a doubt, the souvenir you will take home  and the dish you will tell everyone you tasted in Cancun, The seaweed ice cream combines, in a very clever way, not only the taste of Asian and Mexican food, but also the sensation of the sea and the freshness of the afternoon, the evening has been perfect, the night is already falling on the beautiful hotel that houses the restaurant, it’s time to leave, full belly, happy heart and the surprise of finding myself with aon a clean and elegant fusion, with a concept, with a place I definitely plan to return to.

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